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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday 11/14/14

I saw my buddy Frager talking about his great stock picks over the last few months and got a giggle out of it.  Stock picking hasn’t been very hard lately if you picked the momo stocks.  I think everyone has Apple, Tesla, Chipotle, Celgene, and Go Pro in the portfolio.  Those alone this year and you’ve made 20% or more.  I don’t claim to be a great stock picker and I haven’t made less than 10% a year for 4 years in a row.  I’ve doubled my retirement in the last two years alone but again, Apple played a big part as has Celgene. I’m not bragging. Just lucky the companies I think should or are, the market leaders have actually produced numbers that agree with my thoughts.   Here are today’s names  I think of the police and fire but I guess it could be for anything in NY.  No bidders CCC so I’m looking for $250 here  You don’t see very many real PR7 domains come up for sale.  11,000 plus backlinks.  Already at $630 so this may cross $1000.   Coming up in a few days.  Pointing it out because it’s one of the better Godaddy names this week  Not sure what a skint is but it’s got me curious because its getting a good price.

Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day. $10 off PURCHASES OF $50 OR MORE ACOSKS65  Decent brand for a football or baseball site.  188 bids can’t be wrong  Pending delete.  Not quite as good as the above but half the bidders   As I thought about this one, there are so many different types of chains that people buy


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