DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday, March 20th, 2015

Mar 20 2015

I received 10 emails from people saying “Please do not review my portfolio”  Most gave reasons.  I’m going to do a post on it later but I find it funny that people are concerned that the data that they leave out in public may cause them harm or embarrassment.  My advice. Either get rid of what embarrasses you or put your stuff under privacy.  I’m a public guy and I don’t have much to hide.  Including my portfolio. I don’t have adult names becauseI have plenty of other ways to make money without being involved in adult.  And if I want to hide names so people can’t follow my purchases for business reasons then I would hide them under privacy.  I don’t need it.  I see no need for privacy unless you have something to hide.  The “I don’t want people knowing my shit” reason doesn’t work for me. That being said, unless you are a public person and put yourself out there, then I won’t write about someone that wants to be private. But if you give advice on domain names, give opinion, or write a blog,  then you’re fair game.   Here are today’s names  All I can think of is the band.  The $1500 says it means other things to other people  Going for more than I thought it would  I don’t think you lose buying this type of Then again I thought you couldn’t lose with Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards  Same here but remember..Ken Griffey Jr  N for No Ken Griffey Jr Rookie cards.  I really do like this one though  No bidders.  I think it’s worth $12.  Certainly memorable.  Why not X4X5?  Why not 4 minute abs?  Because that’s stupid, that’s why  Has 156 bids. That alone got me attention  99 brings all the boys to the yard   Upgrade name for many sites, including,,,, etc. No bidders.

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now   Hasn’t gotten a bid but most don’t realize you also get,,, and 13 other dot io domains  At $1. Could sell on Godaddy for $150 plus IMO  Two bids at $6.  IVI  In Vehicle Infotainment is a hot market right now.  Matches dot io perfectly  What a great name for dot io.  Going to be fun to watch  Everyone thinks Facebook but doesn’t have to be   And yet another nice dot IO   Already at $25K but needs to cross 100K to meet reserve  I chew 2 or three pieces a day as hundreds of millions of people do   Has 5 bidders at $12.5K

A GODADDY COUPON CODE: 99 Cent Dot Com Registration. gofdsp401c   17 years old.  A for A Ken Griffey Jr Rookie card  I noticed that FIRST is now starting to buy all of the LLN.coms as well  Adam Dicker liked this name in the Domain Sherpa show  Like this one.  Probably because we had some food agents come for a food safety and purchasing talk here at Illinois.  I thought it was a business talk about Chipotle.   Product .com with a bunch of ads and no bidders.  Punches the Clown   I don’t. Ok I do.  One time I was with this girl and.  Obvious why I like this one

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  1. Eric Borgos

    I agree with you about the public/private issue. While some things might be crossing a line, like giving out a domainer’s home phone number or address or family info even though it could be found by doing some searching online, just talking about their domain portfolio and their business seems like fair game.

  2. Jamie Zoch

    I just love getting those type of emails! Domain investors / domain sellers / domain buyers always like to be extremely private… yet they leave everything well in the open to be dug up!

  3. Maz

    You are mad Shane..mad.
    Going to pi**ss off a whole industry…to achieve what exactly???
    A few extra blog reads.
    Let it go…it’s a bad bad idea seriously.

    1. Post author

      “A few extra blog reads” Why do you think Aaron and I write this thing? It’s not so I can hear the gentle sound of fingers stroking the keyboard. And I’m supposed to take advice from a domain investor that uses a hotmail account? Asshat.

  4. Maz

    Shane…..what is it achieving then?!?!
    Why bring up people’s affairs, when they haven’t asked you too, they mightn’t want you to, when you don’t run it by them?!?!
    It’s a tool that should be used for private use, not for open publication, I’m sure domainiq have that in their terms- they should.
    Can u explain what possible good it does, to make public such things, when such people have obviously requested u not to…in an industry you are currently well regarded in?
    It lacks class to go against peoples wishes, for no great reason.
    I appreciate your work, but do hope you don’t willy-nilly stab the industry you love.

    1. Post author


      Thank you for your opinion. So far you say I lack class, “currently” well regarded but implying I will not be. You’re an asshat. I’m a big boy that can deal with the consequences of my actions. If I want to hide something then I am not stupid enough to make it public information. I handle my words and my actions like they will be public information. You DON’T appreciate my work and I will continue to publish public information that does not threaten the security of that individual. ie home address, phone number, anything related to their family. But their public portfolio is fair game.

      And why is it useful? Looking at Schwartz’s portfolio was enlightening for many. They got to see why he is the domain king. What he is buying now, and some details about his portfolio that help us all learn. In Theo’s you could see that it was not as strong. That it was a hold and wait for offers. Nothing liquid and nothing very valuable to another domain investor. It gives you background so that if he gives you opinion about domains you know what kind of domains he actually owns and why he is deserved of giving out advice. That’s why I published them. They wouldn’t have been two of the top read articles if they weren’t of interest to others.

      Consider this thread closed for comments and move along.

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