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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday 10/20

It’s a regular day in the domain world but big day for my portfolio which is way way overly weighted in Apple and Chipotle stock which announces earnings today.  They are long term holds so it doesn’t really matter too much but I do want to see positive things in the numbers. We’ll see what happens.  As for domains I have not sold a domain on Domain Name Sales in months.  Plenty of offers but zero responses after I counter.  I thought at first I was doing something wrong in my counter but the counters have been higher but no ridiculous. No where near what many others would counter with.  I might hand a few over to a “professional” and see if anything improves. Also thinking of moving half my names over to a another platform for reasons I’ll discuss later.   Here are today’s names.  17 years old.  No bidders.  Much better company name than many that are already in use.  Got a bid at $5K.  Evidently whats good is this name according to one person  12 years old. H for Holdings.  Under $75 at press time  More productive saying than Live Love Laugh.  Surprised how high this one has gotten  97 bidders on a name that I have no idea why.  I am going to guess its Chinese like I always do.  And I’m usually correct   Might as well play off of snapchat.  Another one under $50.  You get 2 free visits a month.  Nice  A couple of different angles on this one.  It could be Green as in organic or just waiting for a person with the name Green to come along. I’m guessing the first idea  With the popularity of drones you would think that skilled operators would be in high demand  Still at a price at press time which gives it some room for a flip on Flippa, the home of dot info sales   Ebola alone has made this domain more valuable.  And as you know I think .cc are undervalued  I can’t remember if this exact name or similar pillow stuffed animal names keep coming up but I like this one at this low price   13 years old.  Gets some type in.  Good marketing name for all the new paintball locations that have come about over the last 5 years.  No bidders  15 years old.  Not sure of the reserve but solid kids brand.  If you’ve ever had a daughter its a right of passage to dress her up like a ballerina.  Kidless people do this to their dogs too.  No bidders.  We sell hundreds of handtools for the garden at the nursery.  I imagine you could sell a few more online  I saw the seller say there were a ton of ads for this term yet I had never heard of it.  Europeans call their dayplanners agendas.  And yes, people still use physical paper to keep track of their day.   Prime for a buildout.  11 years old  $2.33 per click.  A couple hundred thousand searches.  No bidders  Still has a little bit to run. I see three positives and one negative with the name

Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day. $10 off PURCHASES OF $50 OR MORE ACOSKS65  Film capital of the US (LA would beg to differ) 18 years old.  No bidders  Generic Kickstarter name  The best CVCV have value even in dot net.  I’ve never been a big fan of these types of name but they seem to always do well so I take part.  It’s not me, it’s the buyers   Solid celebrity blog name with no bidders. 15 years old  I see the 126 bidders as a positives  An acronym or sell wigs.  You don’t see as many wig shops as you used to but they are selling more than ever I’m told.  (a wig guy told me)  One of my favorite real estate names.  Not going to be cheap  Sounds like something Morgan would be in to.  Nobody is in to the name. No bidders


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CAX DOMAIN OF THE DAY:    At auction.  Has a $9K offer but hasn’t met reserve.  Maybe seller will meet in middle


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