Domain Spotlight:

Reserve Met and Will Selltruthful – 16 year old, one word dictionary .com. Another sale by ‘Federer‘, who has surpassed $315,000 in sales on the platform. – There is a little search volume….140 per month per SEMRush, along with a healthy CPC above $8. – I’m no attorney, but there are ways you can use these types of names without infringing on a TM. Seller says “ was registered on 22nd February 2006 – 19 months before a product called iPhone was even released.” – Lots of directions this name could go — the most search volume ties to ACT and SAT test registrations. CPC of $7, per SEMRush. – Some think of the coin, while I think of the hours in college spent playing this drinking game.

283 Domain Portfolio – Bidding at nearly $1,000, or around $4 per domain. Lots of liabilities in this portfolio. Its headliner domainer is

Reserve Not Met – You can’t go a day without seeing these in the news. Huge 60,000 searches per month. – Product / instrument name, with over 30,000 searches per month.
Both are in the hot category and both are currently in the $6-7k range without meeting reserve. – Education names are big; this one has a nearly $7 CPC. – Short and simple name, though I don’t know what I’d use it for. – Huge letters plus .net = I have no idea the value.

Domain Spotlight: