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photo 2Jon Schultz has been all over the news for putting a price tag on  Every talk show, news program, online site, and domain blogger has given their opinion on the name. What nobody else has said?  It’s ridiculously cheap at $150,000.

The media as usual, has put on their blinders and chosen stories that garner reaction rather than dig deeper into facts and information.   This domain price pales in comparison to drug companies that charge $120,000 a year for cancer drugs that are 5% better than the previous drugs. Preying on people that want to live.  Cancer sufferers pay anything to live another 5 weeks and the drug companies paid off the US government to pass a law that says Medicare HAS to pay whatever the prices are that are set but the drug companies.  THAT is tragedy, that is what should be all over the news.   60 minutes did a piece last week that takes a look into the unethical practices of drug companies and how they have moved beyond trying to be a profitable company to the fleecing of dying people.  Comparing this to a guy selling is almost comical.  The act of owning and selling a domain is not cybersquatting.  Nobody owns a virus, nobody deserves to own the domain to do “good” with it.  There is no Mr. Ebola that rightly owns the name.   Johnson and Johnson own and, many more people die of these two but not one story has been written about them.

While others are watching the stories and thinking of Schultz and his company as squatters and bad people, all I’m thinking of is “don’t be a fool and sell it for $150K”.  There has already been more than $150,000 worth of free marketing for the name.  Hundreds of links, tens of thousands of new visits.  The name instantly doubled in value.  Not to mention this is just the beginning of the disease.  It’s not going away any time soon.  In the meantime there are going to be millions looking for more information.  Even if the United States sets up we all know that they do a lousy job of updating content and information.  The website will certainly pale in comparison to what could be done with Ebola.  Topping it all off is the billions of dollars that will be charged and made for the eventual treatments.  The companies that provide these services would be wise to spend the first million of profit on  If their treatment isn’t already a household name it would become one on


So congrats to Jon for owning such an important name in today’s society.  It would be wise of him to give some of the proceeds to an Ebola related charity. It would also be wise to drop the whole douchebag act of wearing a robe for his pictures.  I’m not saying wearing a coat and tie, just saying you don’t have to look like Mr. Burns for all your photos.  He also could perhaps just not say out loud everything that he is thinking.  Lines like  “Our domain,, is worth way more than We’re definitely holding onto that one for the event,” he said, referring to an outbreak he contends could be way bigger than Ebola, turning the owner of into a very rich man. “That one’s airborne and Ebola would never go airborne in the United States like bird flu can.”  Wrong or right statements like this make him appear to be wishing for death and catastrophe.  Statements like this are why they are calling him the “Merchant of Death”.  And if he sells it for $150K I will call him “the man who gave away money”

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Really great post Shane. I was seriously going to make a similar post but I got sidetracked bidding on lol. I am so glad you posted this, it needed to be said imo…

  2. Good job on that post, Shane. I was hoping someone would come out and say it as i had no medium of doing so. I don’t get the hype and the nonsense, really.

  3. Bravo. No one that is working towards a cure or containment of Ebola is working for free so it nonsensical that someone owning a name like should. The price is low.

  4. I agree, it is too low an asking price. Maybe it should end up selling for $150,000 but the asking price should be a lot more, more like $500,000 and then negotiate from there. Speaking of the bird flu, I made an interesting site at 10 years ago when there was a worldwide bird flu scare, even worse than the current ebola scare. It is about a lesser known virus called as the CyberFlu.

  5. Most domains are being sold too cheap.
    If Rick has taught me one thing is to calculate how much my domains would be worth to a company using them.
    But this was not about price. It was an attack on ethics. They would have attacked him if he was selling at $15,000 or 1.5M.

  6. Pretty laughable that screen cap from CNN Talk about the tea pot calling the kettle… CNN is banking its entire 2014 budget and 2015 ad rates on the Ebola wall-to-wall coverage. Are $20 Million a year Anderson Cooper and Jeff Zucker merchants of death? I think CNN should buy Ebola for a million dollars since that’s one minute’s ad revenue and they’d do a service to a humanity by redirecting it to and also offering a link to their coverage. is a media outlet just like CNN.

  7. “…But this was not about price. It was an attack on ethics…”

    If media attack on ethics, why don’t they attack on doctors? Ebola doctors get paid $525 per hour.

    “The WHO (World Health Organisation) are offering $325 dollars an hour, and the Centre for Disease Control Malawi office they are offering $200. In total that is $525 per hour”

  8. Totally silly of the media to trash-talk a person for offering a legitimate product for sale in

    (edited here for listing domain name that is for for sale)

    People killed by cars, globally, every year, amount to a humanitarian disaster. Same with alcohol….Should folks not be allowed to sell cars, or alcoholic beverages…?

    There are some stupid people in this world!

    As for price? I agree, is mid-six figures, imo.


  9. Hilarious post. This is the first time I’ve seen a picture of the man and I totally agree, stop being the Mr. Burns of doom and gloom. All very valid points presented here and I hope he follows your suggestion of donating some of the profits if it ever sells.

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