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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday ,December 22nd

Yesterday I wrote an article on my changed feelings about .XYZ and my investment in Rightside.  Konstantinos of OnlineDomains had some expected bashing to do but surprisingly Negari chimed in and gave his thoughts and revealed he is also an investor in Rightside.  Here are today’s names.  I really had no idea how big the makeup business was until I had a teenager.  She took me into a giant store that was nothing but facepaint that judging by the prices has flakes of gold in it  Not a smoker but heard that hookah bars can be a lot of fun. Makes me think of Star Wars for some reason. 14 years old  M for Management.  13 years old   Pronounced Sogurt.  Or at least someone will try to sell it to you that way  Not a ton of value but no bidders and something that most football and basketball players have done in practice a time or two  An upgrade name for a few companies  This one is going to do very very well.  Over under $1K You get two free visits per month with this purchase  Surprised this wine name only has two bidders  If this were on Namejet ‘first” would be the buyer I bet   Not sure if three letter dot info have any value but this one could be marketed as Colorado.  Under $25 at press time  Not getting much love.  Deserves more bids IMO  Nice name.  Should do well.  Everyone loves food  At $1.  I thought it was a nice bitcoin mining name.  Evidently nobody else agrees

YOUR GODADDY CHRISTMAS CODE: A 99 Cent TRANSFER GOFDAU10  17 years old. C for corporation    Only 29 bidders.  Not sure if Andy Booth is one of them   As a person that spends lots of money on math tutoring I know there is money in math.  62 million results.  Could be a brand for many things. Not a site describing a jump stop   aka educational lifer  Only 20 bidders.  CCC are some of the most liquid names there are.  NJ buyers aren’t big CCC buyers compared to Godaddy  Great letters here.  V is great when in the beginning. It gets to be a problem the further to the right it moves  You probably already know about the wuzhu coin so I won’t go into details.  Chinese, just buy it   Could be an acronym or for a guy named Tim  Every state has a rock valley.  I made that stat up but I could be right  Could be a typo for Santa this time of year.

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Domain Spotlight: