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Frank Schilling 2014

Some may think that Frank Schilling is putting all his efforts and money into Uniregistry and his new gTLDs.  If his buys on Namejet are of any indication  he is as high on dot com and dot net as ever.  He and I seem to be bidding against each other every day on high quality keyword dot nets (with him winning most).  Most people have been on the selling side of dot net but not Frank.  He’s a buyer.  Take a look at some of the names Mr. Schilling has been buying in the last week alone


Data Courtesy of GoldNames

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6 Replies to “Think Frank Schilling Isn’t Still High on Dot Com and Dot Net? Think Again”

  1. Your not the only one, I had to look up the userid, once I saw it, I knew I had little chance, they are spending a lot of money in the past 2 weeks, hard to win anything, even other heavy weights have been humbled against their bids.

  2. They should really change that user id, first I thought I was bidding against the CEO of Rightside

  3. Great time to pick up some quality names because a lot of people let up on the accelerator right about now. Based on Frank’s bidding throughout the entire year, he doesn’t seem to have that ability. Either that, or it’s due to the team he has put together (or both).

    Also, depending on how you run your business, how well your year went, etc., the tax implications of expensing some additional items prior to year end can be helpful as well… (always consult with your CPA)

  4. With all due respect, FS and Berkens have the money to win every single drop auction every single day but they rarely do. Those guys are pros and never bid beyond their internal limits.

  5. Tony – I absolutely agree with you. I’m not sure if you were replying to my comment or not but the point I was making is that those who are truly successful in this industry (or any other for that matter) will do what it takes and put in the hours required.

    So just to be clear (this time), I absolutely did not intend my comment to be interpreted that Frank can’t stop bidding until he is the high bidder for every domain.

    Like all smart investors Frank has his limit which he doesn’t go beyond.

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