DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday ,December 21st

Dec 21 2014

IMG_3734Slow day at the office yesterday.  I spent all day shopping.  I normally do all my shopping online but I just didn’t get it all done so I had to go out with the masses.  It reminded why I do all my shopping online. I did find a few cool places although they had nothing to do with Christmas shopping. It was a store that is trying to be a craft store but the store is full of all extra material from various businesses.  Crates of vials, plastic easter eggs, used leather scraps, and all kinds of things.  I’m not sure what I would do with most of the stuff but it sure was interesting and made for some great pictures.  And I still may get someone a crate of to go containers for rice.   And PS: Congrats to Elliot Silver.  It sounds like he will be adding another member to the family.  Here are today’s names.  Great brand.  When everything is peachy, everything is good.  If you own this domain you’ll be peachy  Second highest price on the board today after the above  13 years old.  I’ll set the over under on this one at $375  Also 13 years old.  I think this one will sell for more than the above  I bid on all LLL.coms that end in A   Islamic something something something  You see these types of names all the time.  At least one in every town   Have no idea why nobody wants this name  This is a great time of year to realize the value of this one. Reserve met

YOUR GODADDY CHRISTMAS CODE: A 99 Cent TRANSFER GOFDAU10  19 years old.  Leaning towards Tennessee here  Going to be confused with Mingle but still worth owning  Eventually there is going to be a Y project. Hopefully they’ll have good funding   If I like one A then you know I double like two  Fantastic keywords for dot org  Nice medical name.  And not too many people agree so it shouldn’t cost you too much

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