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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Thursday , December 11th

Here are today’s names.

From the look of all the dot biz domains dropping there are quite a few people that have decided to cut their loses on dot biz.  I do think it works for a business but there really isn’t any resale value to the names.  They’re getting registered as an alternative to higher prices and once they raise above registration prices the potential buyers will move on to another tld.   Here are today’s names.  Yes you are.  For some reason no bidders  Got a $100 bid and met reserve  Only one bidder.  Solid blog name for under $25  Quite a few results on Google.  A bicycle company and a name.  I think it’s a cool looking name.  Would have to spell it out to clients  Good letters. J needs to be near the front to be a good acronym….IMO of course  I like this one better  Believe it or not this one is the highest price of the  The whole Internet is built on it.  At least with this name you’ll be honest about it.  Name won’t be cheap though  Take off the S and you could add a zero to the price  One of the best dot nets you can own.  Generic and hundreds of millions of fans. Good name but the seller obviously doesn’t know how to make a subdomain out of it  Love this one.  Some might not know how to spell it but they know the word

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  Don’t come across many LL.nets.  Should do very well  I used to love the Dorf series from Tim Conway  We’re moving through the nights.  Already had Monday and Tuesday come up.  This is my 7th favorite night of the week.  Doesn’t make the name less valuable though  Surprised there are no bidders for this domain domain  An upgrade name for a lot of businesses  No value.  And this one thing thing that I’d rather not bargain shop for  Not sure of it’s use but I’m already nervous and am going to try and make sure I don’t do it again  I would suggest you not give this email address out  typo for Warned.  Or is it the other way around  Didn’t like it at first but I have to remember it’s not about me but what about sells  Great  The kind you want to buy   Reserve met.  A name that is catchy and tells you exactly what the site is about always has value

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