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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday 10/15

There were countless articles about the owner of selling the domain.   I don’t know the owner Jon Schultz but I can tell from his portfolio that he really doesn’t have a boundary when it comes to making money in domains.  He has no problem looking for and buying the next major disease or action that will take human lives.  But there are also those that make millions on porn and fetishes and even more that have built their empires on typos of other companies.  One is no better or worse than the other.  For everything I judge him on he has one he could sling back at me.  Regardless of sale price he is getting millions of dollars of free advertising.  I also think $150,000 is way underpriced.  This is turning out to be the worst disease in modern day history.  The drug or vaccine is going to be a billion dollar industry immediately.  I hope and pray that it will not be around as long as Cancer, Flu, and Aids, but at this point in time it’s effects are no less scary.  Sorry to be Debbie Downer.  Rainbows and Unicorns from here on out. Have a nice day.   NOW TAKING NAMES FOR THIS FRIDAY’S BOOK OF 10.  $20 A NAME OR TWO FOR $30. ONLY 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR FRIDAY  19 years old.  Great acronym name.  Also a radio station…”The Wolf”  Big fan of all 5L.coms regardless of meaning.  If it can be pronounced, it makes a good brand  The Pearl Jam of domain investors.  11 years old. No bidders at $12  If you do logos or have purchased any you know what this is.  One bidder  Somehow I think this may not be used to sell fruit   You want the Ys at the front.  Under $100 at press time  11 years old.  $15.64 per click which is $14 more than the current bid  Has already met a great reserve.  Next bidder gets it.  Tons of people using the Mr. Rent moniker  At $55 and already met reserve.  8 year old business term.  High bidder will have acquisitioned this name   Rents makes more money than fighting but it’s under $50  “Reptiles” in Portuguese.   Pretty sure people in Brasil and Portugal have snakes and lizards as pets.  No bidders at $1    A lot of places called the boathouse.  Current bid is $5 which I’m pretty sure isn’t 5% of the dot com value  12 years old. Everyone thinks bitcoin but there is a whole collectible and rare coin market  Gets 100 plus visits a month.  Be a film financier

Working Godaddy Domain Code of the day. $10 off PURCHASES OF $50 OR MORE ACOSKS65  A PR 4, 19 years old.  Solid brand but 127 other bidders have the same idea.  I forgot there is the fighting thing too  Sounds like an IPA and 18 years old.  I’m a bidder  Same here AND fits my color+animal rule as well. No bidders  No bidders.  A gambling name in the UK but since nobody is bidding it must not be a good term  I want to buy this but damn they’re getting expensive  I would think an antiques broker would want this….but I guess that’s obvious  A skill that half of us have

CAX DOMAIN OF THE DAY:   I hope to be resistant to Ebola very soon.


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