DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday, April 30th, 2015

Apr 30 2015

These auto Namejet backorders are killing me.  They haunt me for years.  I shouldn’t have to manually go back and remove every backorder I put in. It should end as soon as the present auction is over.  It shouldn’t stay eternal.  I spent a half hour last night canceling all my backorders so I don’t get again.  I was charged hundreds of dollars for names I wanted years ago but not today.  I love Namejet but they need to make a button that you can mass delete all backorders, or choose to not have them stay, or not even have them after the auction is over. Its ridiculous.  And yes they offered to manually remove them after I asked.  And didn’t.  Good thing their on Team Shane or I’d have to write a pissy post about it.  Here are today’s names.  At $10K at press time.  Imagine its higher than that when you read this  18 years old.  G for Group  Upgrade name for some or a directory.  13 years old. No bidders  If biz has any value I would think this one would.  No bidders. $12  And yet this one is getting lots of bids  One more X and it would get interesting.  Doing well regardless  Bridal is big.  Everyone gets married a few times.  One bidder I actually thought this would be much higher.  I’m still learning though.  Popular Chinese/Korean name.  Time to go through the Chinese phonebook and start buying  Over $200.  Time to buy  I am trying to buying this. Stay away.  Then again I guess I shouldn’t have put this on the list Anyone want 149,000 backlinks?

NEW GODADDY COUPON CODE: $1.99 New Registration Godaddy hitched149   Fantastic name.  And the price reflects it   I like face names but not a big fan of Facebook  Good brand or marketing name.   Then again, I’m hungry

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  The sports watch market alone is worth having this domain.  Add in the Garmin stuff for your bike and running and there’s plenty of content for this one  Great brand for pretty much any thing.  A new turn, a fresh approach  Without the dash its a six figure name.  Save with the hyphen .  22 bidders agree  Lots of comps on vape domains.  Pretty much any vape domain is worth $69 but its already at $100 so the point is moot    I like accelerated depreciation and this domain  Don’t think welders are cool.  Obviously you’ve never heard of TigWeld Tuesdays. 16 years old    I’m living it.  Minus the no animal product thing.  I like vegetables though   Any is good.  That’s my mantra

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  1. Danny

    Great point – I have over 6000 old backorders in Namejet now. It takes forever to delete them because you can only delete 25 at a time. Usually I get errors when I try to delete them too – because some are past the backorder deadline, or some other such issue.

    1. Bill P.

      If you go to your preferences on NameJet, you can set “Domains Per page” up to 500 and delete 500 at a time.

      Still a pain in the ass, but better than 25 at a time.

  2. Andrew

    Regarding Name Jet, I’m make a point of removing them after the auction or when they don’t catch them. They can clutter up pretty quick and I also get errors when removing for one reason or another. They seem to allow removal after a few days though.

    Some of the better names usually can be found on Name Jet, a better interface would be great.

  3. DC

    100% agree re: NJ. I keep on top of them by deleting post auction but its an unnecessary pain, a simple opt in or out would be perfect. The sales benefits to NJ must surely be outweighed by the customer experience negatives.

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