DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday, July 29th 2015

Jul 29 2015
We’re certainly seeing an take over of the auction houses in the last few months.  I think it dies off before the end of the year because the people that want to sell will have sold. Two,  they won’t be dropping because people will catch on to their value.  Three, the good ones will cross the $1000 mark which starts to take out the average to smaller auction buyers.   I’m not saying they go down in value, I think they go up.  I just don’t think you’ll have 50 a day like you do now.  Similar to the the market.  Don’t see but a few each day now.   Now, what will be the next hot domains?  Here are today’s names.  So many uses.  Documents or Doctor.  One of the better dot nets this year IMO.  20 years old 18 years old. Great for all languages and those are the best IMO.   Another good one and under $150 would be a great deal IMO   Not a ton of NNNN.nets up for sale lately.  One of my favorite years. The first year Scotch Whisky was ever mentioned in history.   Good for English, ehhh for Chinese.  Still worth having in your portfolio  No bidders.  $12  And its a real product.  Easily worth the $12    No bidders.  I don’t know exactly what a keystop is but its two short,known words, and has lots of Google results.  That’s good enough for me at this price  The big keywords overcome the dot net.  One bidder at $12 This is going to be worth a lot of money in the future IMO.   Ocular Rift  No bidders. $12. 13 years old.  Solid name for domain name price guide or domain tool    Not worth a ton but I think you could sell it for $40 or 50 just for being short, memorable, and easy to type   No vowels, great consonants, big money.   I’m a bidder here  Something to do with World of Warcraft is drawing all these bids.  And the 62,000 backlinks   Wow, doing very very well.  J and Xs are sexier than ever  Pretty   No fours and the ever kind of popular 6  According to the bidders, worth $300 more than the above  We still doing bitcoin names?  Nobody ever answers

New GODADDY COUPON CODE: $.99 New Registration Godaddy fb99brmr01   Everyone likes to feel like they are getting deals nobody else is getting.  This would kill it on Black Friday. Ends today and getting some good bids  No way it’s going to meet reserve at this price because its a Amber Burke is the broker and I’ve gotten a few emails from her asking if she can help negotiate a post auction sale.  Look for more of these from Flippa.  You’re just starting to get a taste of why these two joined forces (Ps description is premium 3 character dot com, should be 3 letter)  I did lots of research on this website auction and its legit.  Could be something here  Worth at least $250 and bid is less than half that

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  No bidders.  14 years old.  Upgrade name for a few restaurants  An upgrade name for quite a few.  A great marketing name for many more. No bidders I feel like I’ve seen this on a TV marketing campaign already at Godaddy or similar.  Great name  No bidders despite it being an entire house full of sex. 18 years old   HUGE name.  People don’t like talking about it but most people are put into this or a vase.   New York and a good Chinese name.  Double delicious.  AND 16 years old   A billion dollar industry if you add those same injuries caused by obesity.  Big Boy name  The only thing that’s bigger than medicine is burying them.  I like to be invested in things everyone has to spend money on and funerals is one of them.  Big money name as well.  Might as well buy while you’re doing the whole “everyone is going to die sometime” thing  Hot topic right now.  Solar is the old and the new king   Mmmmmmm kale  If I can remember the 5 numbers to type out this list without have to double check what they are I know I have a good domain.. I remembered this one


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is corrects

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  1. Koosah

    The next trend will be CCCC .coms. There I called it 🙂
    As for Bitcoin names, they have slowed quite a bit, as VC’s and startups shift their focus to Blockchain tech (the underlying tech behind Bitcoin)

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