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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve 11/25/14

Yesterday I got speeding ticket. I got pulled over for going 50 in a 40 mph zone.  Every 2 years I seem to get this same ticket at the EXACT same place on the way from the nursery to my house.  It’s a huge, four lane road that could safely be driven at 80 mph but its forty because the neighborhood entrances are off the road.  I get pissed because I get passed all the time, even in this case, yet I get pulled over because I have this “fancy” sport utility. I could care less about the money it’s the fact that I like to drive fast on the Interstate and I like having a buffer of no tickets in case I get pulled over for really speeding.  Now my buffer is gone and I have to watch my speed. Officer ruined my Thanksgiving travel plans.  And no he was not doing his job.  He wasn’t trying keep speeds down.  I now many other police officers. It’s revenue generation. I guess that is part of his job. Here are today’s names.  Name is doing well but I still think I can make just as much selling petunias…..maybe not  Because you need to have somewhere to smoke your medical marijuana 17 years old.  You get 40 free visits a month with this  16 years old.  Ironic that this one is dropping  M for Mustache.  Over $150 at press time  It’s always a good time to give.  Evidently not a good time to buy though. No bidders  No bidders.  Solid brand for $12 Somehow I feel like this is or will become a thing  A little trademark infringement here if you’re going for music.  Now insects you may be OK.  Dot org has not followed the appreciation path of other numerics but there is still an established price that’s flippable You know I like LLLL.coms that end it A.  I would take this one into my harem of names Getting a great price because of Ho Chi Min City  Not sure what reserve is but name is doing well  Not A ninja but THE ninja.  The best ninja name you can own other than  Going to do well 12 years old. Hard to believe wearables was a thing back 12 year ago. It certainly is a huge thing now and in the future

Finally a NEW Domain Code of the day. 39% OFF YOUR ORDER gd41124a  Sailing, takes me away to where I’m going  You couldn’t even pay me to buy this one.  I can’t even link to the name because I’m afraid of getting arrested  Perfect for that Hidden Dragon guy that used to post before he was committed  Baby sales are way up in 2014  One four bad, three fours awesome

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8 Replies to “DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve 11/25/14”

  1. I have just the domain for you Shane, you can buy it off me and post links to local traffic ticket lawyers to fight these guys in court!

  2. You put (Plural) Its the Singular, you still need more sleep 🙂

  3. Shane, revenue generation is the same cop priority all over the world.
    It is like that here in Greece too.

    e.g. Speed limit is 80 and it suddenly drops to 50 for no reason and that is where the cops are to write their tickets for the month and then they are gone for the next 30 days.

  4. Just for the American readers.

    We all know Konstantinos is quick. And, initially he had me scratching my head how quick he drove his Ferrari.

    But, when K. is stating ’80’. It is in kilometers.
    80 k is approx. 50 mph. And, 50 k is approx. 30 mph.
    It must be tough driving the Ferrari at 50k/30mph. 🙂

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