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Mar 04 2016


You’re going to notice a bunch more brands on my list now.  I’ve started to realize there is some value in owning inexpensive brands and playing the numbers game.  I never did it before because I was so afraid of the renewal fees. I am not afraid anymore.  You can thank Josh for my new found addition to my business model.  I’m continuing to play the Chinese market just adding in two word brands.  Let me know if you like any of the new additions.  I picked up a few the other day you may like.  CurlyWillow and CarpetLiquors .  Both dot com.  One makes a great brand and is a plant I sell.  The other is going to be fun. I partnering with a friend who is going to make fake business shirts and sell them on the site. You know every redneck is going to want a Carpet Liquors shirt.  Anyone have a slogan?  Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices.

OneWayTicket.com ” For the best price one way tickets in the business”  Free slogan with the purchase

MarchGroup.com  20 years old.  All the bids coming for the upgrade name play.  A couple of places that could use it

OP1.com  19 years old.  When a name is 19 years old you know it can be a brand because that was the only reason a name like this would have been registered.  Parking revenue is probably minimal

U9Y.com  Even this one is 13 years old.  Way ahead of the Chinese trend

GARC.com   Great Western letters.  And ending in C puts it in the $1500 mark

GALN.com  Also good letter but the C for Corporation makes it much more valuable

CJN.net  18 years old.  I think the LLL.net are raising above their respective percentage of the dot com merely because the dot coms are so expensive.  I think the LLL.coms come down and these continue their rise.  My opinion only

CakeRecipes.com  Not quite as many people looking for cake recipes as cookie recipes but if the dot org goes for $580 this has a little value too

IZEX.com   These bottom names are moving.  This one is up $150 where it would have been a month ago

STMP.net  TXPC.net, I still think the price is too high on these but I have been proven wrong every single day

PathShapers.com  Not a bad brand for $12.  No bidders

BlueHammer.com  Easy logo, memorable brand.  Only one bidder at press time

DrinkLand.com   Only 2 bidders, at $22.   Surprised there isn’t more action on this one.  Sounds like it would have a drive through window for beer

ColoradoAppraiser.com Opening bid at $99.  No too bad a price. Probably could sell for 5X that with some work

PolarPillow.com  No bidders.  “As cool as both sides of our pillow”

HPBD.com   The bids on the average LLLL.coms have been very light lately but the WHiPs continue to do well. Just as I expected

WesternGlobal.com  One bidder at $12.   You noticed I’m putting more cheap brand type names.  Josh has taught me a lot about this market and there definitely a business model in selling one name to pay for 20

DOED.com  I think names like this under $750 present value

MXXZ.com  I was worried that LLLL.com overall were struggling but today’s prices (like this one) make me feel better

WhoLovesMe.com   I’m sure somebody does.  The might live far far away but there’s somebody for everyone.

Zews.com   Gets crushed in the radio test.  Passes the getting a good price test

Reblog.org  Wow! 18,000 backlinks.  Worth looking at just for those

UKMV.com   The V names haven’t budged an inch.  True bottom letter.  Unfortunately I own dozens of them

81507.com  Our first 5N.com of the day

81403.com  Not quite as strong here because of the 4

24205.com   One more lower quality 5N.com which is the same price of a good quality 6N.com

UYGJ.com, FHVD.com, QHUE.com   YVVH.com Just a few more of names towards the bottom of the price chart

SharedOfficeSpace.com   A lot of brands built around this keyword product

SYI.co   Introducing the hot new crush of the Chinese domain gambler

CXHQ.net, HGFH.net, QNTT.net, BHXL.net, TXPC.net   Just because I don’t like them is no reason not to buy them. They have done well regardless

170220.com   942582.com , Really not been a lot of 6N.coms for sale lately

CloudHighway.com  Like this one a lot at this price.

CannaCrush.com   I think canna names are a good buy.  I see it being used more an more as a term for cannabis

1661.info  2552.info  I’ve seen much worse numbers sell for $69 on Namejet

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

L7.com  Fantastic CC.com    And getting a great price

DNJ.net  Domain Name Journal shortener

Vodkas.com  Funny thing is I was going to say that Vodka is singular and plural. Then I saw the price and I realize I am either wrong or nobody cares

C61.com    I’m a big fan of all CCC.coms and I really like this one

SIHT.com Typo of Shit but comes in with a lot of great LLLL.com and 129 more


Flipsite.com  16 years old.  Great name for our industry

FatChicken.com   Can’t think of a more memorable brand.  It’s mine for sale.  It was a finalist for my new media company name.  Went with Rocket Donkey instead.  I have had several offers of $800.  Should have taken it based on what it looks like this will finish at

StepRightIn.com  Nice friendly marketing name.

FNCL.com   A WHiP with L for League or the stock symbol for Fidelity

ScreamingBullet.com  No bidders.  I like it better than the Magic Bullet.  Less sexual and better brand

WPSR.com  21 years old.   Another WHiP getting a lot of action

Klehm.com   Pretty popular last name. 19 years old

Lawyers.cc  19 years old.  One of the best keyword dot cc you can buy.  Or sell. I am.  Time to test the market.

ECPG.com   G for group.  E is good for us Westerners

GameAddiction.com  So many people have it.  Thus all the bids

Amerse.com  Upgrade name for a few companies.  No bidders

CMWK.com Plain old CHiP.  Boooooooorrrrrriing.

RealTimeVideo.com  Surprised there’s no bids.  Too long?

Algaecides.com   Millions of dollars spent on these on the worlds ponds.   No bidders

TWF.net  I didn’t put any LLL.net yesterday just to switch things up a little

TOGE.com   CVCV are doing extremely well regardless of if its said easily or not

SitePost.com 17 years old  and no bidders

GunsAndBlades.com   No bidders. Have you ever been to a gun show?  It’s 100% accurate name

LoveDrug.com  Has a reserve but still like it.  Also known as Viagra or whatever Bill Cosby is using

PBCL.com    Lead Chloride

RRLFR.com  We’ll find out if three of a kind 5L.com has reached $69

3550.com  Very nice 4N.com.  Can’t go wrong owning these

OOTT.com  The high end patterns haven’t been meeting reserves lately but they are still the best patterns

BNMD.com  Sell it to Dr Brett Martin

PainFree.org  You know I like pain names.  People in pain will pay or do anything to get rid of it

LowerBill.com  Who doesn’t want this?  Good marketing name for a company that wants to show its cheaper

IndianBuffet.com   I’ve been to Chinese buffet, no reason there can’t be an Indian version

InsuredAuto.com  No bidders.  A requirement in all states.  Auto insurance lead site waiting to be built

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email.  I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. John Harrison

    Hey Shane-

    link for SIHT.com goes to C61.com flippa auction.

    Interesting to see the added business model. Do you and Josh have a volume whereby you can realistically expect a sale (as long as the quality is high..)?

    1. Post author


      First thanks and fixed. Second 3% a year is the average right now that I’ve gathered through my data and through talking to Josh. Josh is the one actively doing it, I have tried it but on a smaller scale with no success so I am going to try a different angle that I’ll discuss in more detail later.

  2. Don W

    Carpet Liquors
    Liquor in the front entrance.
    Poker in the rear entrance.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I know this is a family show, but you asked for slogans.


    1. Post author


      That saying is like 100 years old 🙂 Yes my Mom reads this every day. I think this is the line right here that I’m not supposed to step over 🙂

      1. Don W

        lol. Ok.

        How about:

        “Most of our customers love us, some of our customers hate us, but all of our customers have tried us.”

  3. Candace

    HPBD.com – I definitely see Happy Birthday, even though Happy Birthday is usually HBD.
    Isn’t Canna a type of lily (not related to cannabis)?

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