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Mar 18 2016


There are just a ton of non CHiP LLLL.coms coming across the auctions lately.  And they aren’t going down.  I’m really not trying to spin the market.  It is what it is.  Numerics are down, LLLL.com CHiPs are down a little, WHiP LLLL.com (western premiums) are holding steady, but the lower level LLLL.com are doing fine and even rising in price.  And there are a ton to choose from.  Investors are seeing value in names that have good Western enduser potential and they are getting bid up.  The kind of names that had always been popular but been overlooked for the high flying CHiPs.  And for me, I don’t care what moves, as long as something is moving.   Heck, if dot mobi moves I’ll see what I can do to be a part of it.  It’s what I do to make money.  Too bad you can’t get some cash for writing flames in the comment section because there are a ton of domain investors that would be killing it these last few months. Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices.

PFAN.com and IQTT.com   Both for sale in one thread.  Both used to be business sites

TheMonetization.com  Its what its all about.  Anyone can create. But can you pay for your creation?

eVirtualWorld.com 17 years old.  All I hear about is Virtual Reality yet no bidders at $12

CoolPenguin.com  No bidders. 17 years old.   Penguins are pretty cool

WHRE.com    Where?  Whore?

FXMS.com    A CHiP but FX has been used in short names for quite a while

Binar.com  Not really sure what Binar is or what it means but used quite a bit

Thrillo.com No bidders at $12.  Sounds exciting

157159.com  This one is double a normal 6N.  Somewhat of a pattern

HMQA.com   Bottom boat.  I’m sure I’ll have more later in the list but this one 13 years old

P8I.com  Two vowels not great but throw in an 8 and it becomes the life of the party

RXT.co    I am a buyer of these.  I think they go to four figures eventually.  But I have been wrong all the time.  It’s usually only in the NCAA bracket picks though.   Been pretty strong on domain movement.  But don’t follow my lead on domains and definitely not my basketball picks

GRL.co  This one is under $150 at press time.

POMV.com, UJPB.com, UNJD.com, UJWE.com  Not a lot of LLLL.com today, compared to a boatload yesterday

505022.com   Three things of two is a good thing when it comes to numerics

668345.com   I like sequential and so do the Chinese.  Fours are good when 8s are behind them and when they are part of a sequence.  I can’t think of any other ones I like

7G.biz  Short.  And that’s all that matters right now

Skdk.net, SMMD.net, JCMP.net  NCFW.net  One of these is only at $12 at press time.  LLLL.nets really have fallen.  Opportunity or falling knife?

Movies.biz  One bidder at $20.  Probably worth more

QQQQ.xxx   Interesting play here.  Dirty AND Chinese.  Certainly as memorable as pornhusk or whatever its called

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

1D.com  Sedo sure has some amazing names in this month’s Great Domains Auction

9278.com   Numerics are off their peak but this type of name will continue to go up over time IMO

7585.com   Another nice one.  Only a select few can afford these

OANH.com   The kind of name that is doing well that I mentioned in the header

FameMaker.com I liked it last time it came up for auction.  Actually a fairly decent site

NiceFrance.com Surprised there not a bid yet.  At $1


SolarEnergyNews.com  Solar Energy is making big steps but none bigger than the upcoming Tesla battery which will make it truly functional.  It’s all about cheap panels and the ability to store it

TheRetirement.com  Its what we work for.   The “the” saves you a few hundred thousand

HomeFaceLift.com  Sounds scary but sound like every infomercial I see on DirecTv

WaterClear.com  Nice name for some kind of water purification.   I’m sure there are plenty of trademarks

SolarFashion.com  82 million Google results.  A lot of sunglass stuff

MNMH.com   Good western letters here.  H for holding

NRRR.com  Going to get to see a good present day comp of a Triple repeating Chip

JIMP.com   101 bidders can’t be wrong

TVNY.com   NYTV would be a little better but still very nice

PHQO.com, TMTU.com, RIRJ.com, HSAL.com  Just a group of LLLL.coms that I couldn’t think of anything to say about them. Call them my writers block group

BettersGuide.com  Great name for exactly that

3045.com  $15K is the over under

555.ws   One of the better dot ws that are up for auction   MB.ws also up for grabs

HUMV.com    Remember when these were cool?  Now they are the epitome of over the top.   Still an awesome military vehicle. Just not great for a run to Whole Foods

DSBI.com  I for International.

LSSL.com  Great balance and 2nd or 3rd best pattern for the Chinese. Probably third after AABB and ABBB

QHQH.com  Make the above fourth best. I forgot about this type which comes in second pushing the rest down

32869.com  We still doing 5N.com. Not much talk about them lately.   Its always the case when something becomes expensive.  when the common folk can’t buy a bunch of them then they move to a cheaper asset.  Its why stocks split


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. Roger S,

    Shane the flaming comments just come in response to comments from yourself and others on the Chinese market. You and others hoped, thought, told, predicted, suggested, invested and preached that the market would continue to rise. Pre and Post December and Chinese New Year you and others stuck to this narrative. The Chinese market has not continued to rise, it has fallen. Why do you continue to be surprised that there are negative comments in the threads of the blogs.

    1. Post author


      It did and it has risen. I’m very happy with results. Did you expect it to go straight up forever? We have no idea how this will end up. What I didn’t expect were the emails and comments that were personal and one that told me they would “gut me like a pig. I had one tell me that they hoped I got I would swerve into a ditch in my car and lay in pain on the side until I died like the slow death that all those that follow my lead on the blog. You get those emails and see if you are not effected.

      . I’ve made it very clear the only comments that upset me are the hopes and wishes for it to plummet. Because there is no money to be made on the downside. I always wish for my fellow investors to make money. I can’t even contemplate wishing and hoping for something to go down if there is not ability for anyone to make money. The only reason I would want something to go down in investing is selfish, in the fact I want to buy it cheaper.

      In short, I have been right, I have been calling for short names to increase in value for 7 years and they have. Things are down but it’s 4 months into this fast market. This still has a ways to play out. In short, its OK to be on the other side but there is no other financial side. Just hot air.

  2. Josh E

    I’ll lose money when 6n drops to $7 and LLLL.coms hit $25. The Chinese market really hasn’t slowed, it’s expanded, horizontally. They’re throwing a wide net.

  3. Joel

    Chips are down, premium pattern numerics are not down.

    The floor for average numerics with/without 0/4 has fallen for some weeks now but the cream of the crop have gone to new highs even during this “downmarket”.

    There have been two 6n.coms alone selling for low 5 figures and one for high 4 figures in recent days.
    815816.com just sold for $610, 363365.com for $681 etc. Premiums are becoming very highly sought after IMO.

    4l.com and .net chips have been hit hard though in recent weeks, no doubt about that.

  4. David

    I’m calling it, the Chinese buyers are mostly gone and I am sure the resale market is starting to crash and will get much worse with many domainers losing lots of money, especially all the Namepros type buyers with recent buys.

    My Chinese preferred type of name inquiries went from roughly 4 or 5 a day for most of the past 12-months, dropping to 4 or 5 a week in Jan/Feb time frame, then recently declining to zero inquiries with none at all in more than a week!

  5. Post author


    Please put your full name and company here and post exactly what call you are making. Did we peak forever. Did we peak until a certain point. Where will the bottom be. Let’s make it something real. Something you really can attach to your reputation. Otherwise its just words from anonymous person that could be named David. Again, its great to have different viewpoints but you can’t have a good intelligent debate with a shadow.

  6. David

    Thanks for the invitation to post my personal details Shane but I will take a pass for personal reasons and extremely negative past personal experiences which is far too disturbing to discuss even in private, let alone in public. In addition, I was not aware there was a need to post personal details on blogs or forums to justify any opinions. When I said “I’m Calling It” that was based on a personal analysis and opinion only, after closely reviewing evidence and may or may not be correct but I am extremely inclined to believe it was valid.

  7. Sam

    Its interesting to see how investors take downward movement in prices. If prices only went up then this would be the easiest investment in the world.
    Prices up, prices go down

    Chinese investors are 100% still buying
    You have to make investments based on what you think of the asset class and its long term fundamentals.
    If.. and it sure sounds like you really don’t understand what you are investing in and you simply ‘hopped’ everything would go up. You might be in for a surprises, things go down.

    Trying to cash out now is going to be painful for new investors, so you either have to hold
    buy more on the down
    or try and sell and see what you get.

    Either way.. its still early on and it could keep dropping
    but overall there is more money already invested in china that has a lot a lot more to loss than the western investors here. I expect that ‘china’ will stabilize the prices at one point

  8. Andrew Rice

    All this doom and gloom talk, i’d be more inclined to call a bottom.

    Shane sorry to hear about the nasty emails. Likely, from someone who just wants a reaction, I wouldn’t give them it.

  9. Roger S,


    You do not deserve those types of comments under any circumstances. Friendly jousting and banter is fine. People don’t have to agree with you, but vile threats and crazy talk like that is just low and inexcusable. I am sorry that you have haters. You do not deserve that.

    To your credit you put forward a position and view every day. For that you are to be commended.

    To my earlier point, I don’t think you should be surprised that people flame comments and dislike your comments and views. While you and Travis are quick to say you have not bought in at $2500, clearly many people did by in high levels. There were also many people who sold at $100-$300 on the way up, they too are also not going to be feeling to cheery. Then there is the majority that are just spectators in the stands and watch the show and cheer for their respective teams.

    You cannot expect that there won’t be skepticism and doubt about what has happened. I personally think doubt and skepticism has proven to be true from where we sit today. Yes the market went up and me, you and many other did very well. I think that’s great. However, there are many people who bought in during November and December. How do you think they are feeling now?

    I am sorry to say but I think you get your feathers ruffled that there is any negative commentary and/or differences of opinion to your own about the Chinese market. Not just the people cheering for it to crash. I would agree with you that there is no benefit in that other than to be able to say ‘I told you so’.

    1. Travis M.

      Hey, when was I quick to say anything about what I purchased? I don’t remember posting anything like that anywhere.

      1. Roger S,

        Sorry Travis. Apologies.. I meant to say Josh. Sorry again I incorrectly wrote your name.

        I was referencing this from comment from Shane..

        Wait, you didn’t buy all your CHiPs at $2500 and all your numerics at peak?

    2. Josh E

      I don’t think the speed at which I said it makes any difference. My intention wasn’t to mock anyone for buying at the recent high point. It’s about risk and reward, watching trends, observation, and getting as much information as you can, to make an informed decision. When I hand regged 6n’s in September I was taking on a high level of the risk with the potential for high rewards and potential to lose it all. The funny thing is I didn’t know Shane, didn’t know anything about “liquid” domains, Chinese domains. I really didn’t know any other domainers, never met another one in person. I bought 6n’s because I watched them being backordered on pheenix and go to auction. Then I went through old drop lists and found better ones then those that were being backordered. I had 5n’s I bought at godaddy closeouts because 4n’s were rising rapidly. My point is that everyone is responsible to gather their own data and information, determine what they can risk and at what level, then deploy a strategy with all the above in mind. If you buy domains because you read a blog post and didn’t do any other research or work on your own, you deserve to lose money. “Deserve” might be too harsh, maybe you should “expect” to lose money in the long run. Here’s the thing, you get a whole year to figure out what you’re doing, then the domain you paid 2500 for can be renewed for $8. So pull out now if you want and lose $500 or keep it for a year or 10 and see what happens, It’s up to you.

  10. Mike Maillet

    Shane, sorry to hear about the nasty comments you have recieved recently. Some Blogs turn-off comments for this very reason, I appreciate that you accept comments and have left this section virtually unedited over the years! Lots of insight gained! Regarding Numerics, I bought a ton back when they were $100-500. They have done well. While the ‘buying interest’ has slowed recently. The daily HITS to these Domains, and the Whois lookups have not slowed down. I’m trying to find a way to monitize this type-in traffic!

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