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Apr 14 2016



I’m a little late on the news about Namejet.com and SnapNames joining together on backorders.  Plain and simple, Dropcatch and Namebright are simply eating the lunch of everyone else and the only way to compete was to get together as many registrars as you can and split the profits.  It’s been fun to watch.  Anytime somebody starts getting a type of names that Dropcatch isn’t , they simply refocus towards that area and crush.  I remember when Pheenix was doing well with dot cc.  Dropcatch decided they wanted dot cc and they shifted some resources towards getting them and Pheenix started hitting sand in the well.  Pretty sure Namejet and Snap just weren’t getting much and decided since they are financial partners they might as well form one big catch. I’m sure the recent Chinese catches that got five figure prices had a little influence on the “we’ve got to start getting more drops” meetings and collaboration.   Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices

EssayService.com    A lot of money in selling essays.  Much more than actually writing novels

PlacesToGo.com   Officially you can go anywhere but I imagine these are cool places to go.  11 bidders

GiftsYouKeep.com  No bidders.  Not sure it has a lot of value but I do like the name.    Pretty much saying “we sell things you’ll want”

PinkTuna.com  Not quite color + animal but close.  No bidders

RSKX.com  Chinese loved.  Most bids on the board.  Over under $1580

JAQG.com   Already over the $300-$350 bottom price

OPJR.com  This is closer to that average price.  The J is the only thing keeping it from double the price

PostiveBoost.com   We could all use a positive boost.   I just drink caffeine

1664.cc   Who brought the damn 4 to the party?

388853.com    Triple 8s are always good.  Even for breakfast

199138.com    These are in the $120 to $150 range right now.  But this ends in 8 so may be a little higher

252513.com   This should be in that range

LuxuryRings.com   Getting lots of actions.  Not a jewelry guy but I don’t have like jewelry to make money on it

ChefStars.com One bidder at $12.   Chefs are stars now

YRIF.com, POKZ.com, and LZUE.com,   A few bottom boats.  One is under $50 at press time

HRMS.co  I have been buying these on closeout.  Worth a shot and I have a ton of backorders I bought so I get them cheap

Glue.cc  One bidder at $12

893Y.com, 386Y.com, 681Y.com and 768B.com,    These are still getting bought…………barely. One bid at $12 each

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L86.com and K83.com  each have a bid and its a very good opening bid


DRRD.com  Palindrome and balance.  Love this kind. And so do the Chinese.  Although its been more of an emotional love than a financial lover lately

FRGH.com    Solid acronym letters.   First something something something

Refinanced.com  As long as rates stay this low there will be a ton of refinancing

Lung.net   I own a set of these.  Have always been glad I have them.   Not too many bidders

Blazer.org   Car, coat, team

Zippers.net    You don’t really think about them until yours doesn’t work.  Could be a brand as well

DDLR.com  Everyone loves a pair of Double Ds

FreeQuotes.com   A pain in the ass to give out free quotes. Its a numbers game but boy do you get a lot of leads from giving away free quotes.  Fantastic name

SBFB.com   San Bernadino Football.   And I’m not even sure they even play football in San Bernadino

DormFood.com  I think this could be a college life brand.   Or a culinary guide

QTOS.com  Q for quality

BlogFeed.com   Great name for an aggregator site or a theme that can create one

BrassProducts.com   Anything made of brass is still expensive.  And because the shiny brass is out of style, now they tint and paint it.  I know.  I sell very expensive brass fountains.  Actually they don’t sell but I offer for sale

MilanHomes.com  The dream home for many people.   Lots of Google results

SpringBed.com   I think about tulips and spring flower beds.    Results are mattress box springs.

DatingProblems.com  No bids.   it’s why they invented dating apps. Opens up other types of problems.

RealEstateCompanies.com    84 bids.  Getting close to reserve

BankDebt.com  12 bidders.   Debt and bank go hand and hand



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