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Mar 10 2016


I’ve never seen anything like it.  A huge percentage of ALL the NNNN.co are expiring and up for auction today.  All owned by the same guy.  Either he is accidentally letting go of some valuable property or he plans on renewing them after watching their value.   I am going to bid on a few myself and every one will sell but this is the most numerics I’ve even seem come through at the same time.  That will change come this fall when things like this will become a regular event in some tlds.  Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices.

WOA.com   Lots of Associations would want this. 21 years old

JVTV.com  TV gives it a little more value. V wasn’t as bad back 20 years ago when this was registered

PSWR.com  Only one bid at $1000.

BikeForSale.com  As long as you’re selling bikes, this is an awesome name

CustomRide.com  And you can customize it as well

WisePick.com  No bidders at $12.  I wouldn’t say this is a wise pick but not too bad of a pick at this price

ToplessTalk.com  I’m not saying this has any value but if you build it out I will watch

888733.com  At $300 at press time.  A few days to go though

034.net   I don’t think I’ve seen a NNN.net in years

XXLE.com        That’s a big E

LMBT.com  At $2K already.  Down market?

RNDM.com  This one is even higher

Flirtsy.com   Opening bid is at $500 and I actually think it may be worth that.  Cute name

Hyme.com  A first and last name.  Also the name of a few businsesses

FWT.co  I have been buying these.  I bought 3 and all three were renewed and I was refunded.  I still like but I would be lying if I haven’t been bidding as much on LLL.co because I’m getting tired of it.  But there were lots of bidders which is a good thing

2979.co, 5518.co, 2878.co, 3886.co, 1185.co, 1577.co, 3868.co, 3855.co, 2375.co, 3896.co, 2928.co

3877.co, 5228.co, 3893.co, 1395.co, 1825.co, 3989.co, 1658.co, 3622.co, 1355.co, 1598.co, 3398.co, 3758.co

The are hundreds and hundreds of NNNN.co on the expired list today. all owned by the same person.  We’ll see if they get renewed.

SYR.biz   Could have had for nothing 6 months ago. Not nothing now

RP55.com  55 makes it worth owning IMO

113779.com  These have dropped below the $200 range but I think it bounces back in the next few weeks. 6N is trying to find itself 🙂

SuperPlugins.com   75,000 backlinks.  That alone makes it worth watching

7n2.com  Yeah, I don’t like these as much either but they have sold for years.  Very very liquid

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MelodyHits.com  Was purchased for $9800 years ago.  Now under $100 and no reserve

82  3-character dot net   Portfolio.   Presently at exactly $1


996.WS  You know I like these.  Remember that renewal on these are now regular price.  Less than dot co.

CT.WS   Think what you will about the past of .ws, you don’t get the chance to own a LL in any tld older than 10 years at this price.  You really don’t get to own a new G either

OCCT.com  These are the LLLL.coms that are climbing.  We’re back to Western names leading the pack

JLPM.com   This is in the middle.  Officially a CHiP but the J is ehhh

GhostDetector.com  Timely with the whole new awful new Ghostbusters movie coming out

TotalHaircare.com  I had a hunch this would be an upgrade name for quite a few companies. I was right

GKG.info    Very nice LLL.info.   One of the few older Tlds I don’t have any exposure to in my portfolio

RWHY.com  I wondered why “WHY” was getting such a good price.  Then I realized it is also a CHiP

Dieting.org  Half the world seems to be at some point during the year.  And that is a good thing

Dietr.com Or you could get the shortened dot com

CMGR.com   C Manager.  Doesn’t it suck that everyone is saying how down the market it and yet we still have to pay $2K for these things?

3370.info  My guess as the one NNNN.info that gets a bid today

SheepFold.com  You probably don’t know what this is.  Its a sheep pen. You probably want to know why I know this.  Used to be a Username for me decades ago. Don’t know why I started using it.

GlastonburyTickets.com  Normally I would never put this kind of name up but if you know the festival you know its one of the hardest tickets in the world to get

InsuredAuto.com  Under $150.  The law says you have to have an insured car

Pete.com  I wish I could buy this for my friend Pete

Sportscars.com  I wish I could buy this one for me

281.com   I wish YOU could buy this one for me

BabyCollege.com   Cute name.  I’m sure someone could make a business out of this name

NJJ.net   And a LLL.net to compliment it

PDDP.com  Another nice WHiP.  Actually ABBA which is one of the most coveted.  Or was

Broche.com  Nice brand that has a few meanings in other languages

AmazingRealEstate.com  It better be good if you’re going to call it Amazing

Spearfishing.com  I remember when this was Andrew Rosener’s business name before he became Media Options.  That was a lifetime ago.  Like 3 or 4 years

Biello.com  Its a last name but I think it makes a nice brand

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