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Sep 07 2016


If you’re looking to get a little publicity for your names at auction and would like to list them here shoot us an email.  It’s $10 a name per day.  We won’t take every name.  There are some names that aren’t good enough quality to spend $10 on and if we don’t think we can help sell your name then we will be honest and tell you we are going to pass on the name. Don’t take it personally.  We pass on some names that sell for a good price.  The other requirement is that they are listed at auction with either some bids are a low starting bid.  We can’t take names that are just for sale or the starting bid at $2K which is pretty much makes it for sale and not an auction. Let us know if we can help.   Here are today’s names.   Click for current prices

RapidVend.com Because nobody likes to wait when they’re hungry

RadioTrax.com It becomes cool because it’s spelled with an X. No bidders

CreditSolution.com I would like the plural better but plenty of bidders are good with this form

SecretMistress.com Generic for Ashley Madison. One bidder at $12

Vegan.World   This new G has a great first bid.  See if somebody wants to take it higher

SafetyCap.com I actually bought one of these. A baseball hat with safety helmet type protection

MudHat.com I actually don’t know what this is but nice short product name. No bidders at $12

Kamsan.com Build up a portfolio of these type names for $20 and I think you’ll make money. My opinion of course

BloomingBag.com I see a few different uses for this one. Nobody else does except for a few companies using it as a product name. No bidders

YouNeedAWebsite.com No bidders. Great marketing name.

BMM.io There is some ability to flip in dot IO right now

H9.io This one is even shorter but it really comes down to branding. What names can be branded best

Matchm.com These seem to do pretty well on Brandbucket

CollectingChannel.com A lot of money in collecting junk

CottonCandyGrapes.com Trademarked but I love them

SoyoBar.com At first I was thinking of a healthy snack bar but realize the play is probably a restaurant/bar

OldGrain.com I see it more of a brand for a whisky or something than actually selling old grain. But I guess this is obvious

IYB.tv Evidently LLL.tv doesn’t have any value anymore. dot TV really has faded lately

NameHack.com No bids as I write this but guarantee it goes for over $100 now

PebbleSprings.com Sounds like a nice place to live. No bids

1000.ws I don’t think anyone likes dot ws but this is a good numeric if you do

LiveLifeLoudly.com Fairly popular saying. Make it more popular.

GoHangout.com Putting go in front of a keyword is still a common way of getting a cheaper domain

JetReach.com Jet names seem to be popular. No bids

Geoxin.com Not sure if it has any value but it has 350,000 backlinks which has some value

50781.com Even with a zero it has four figure value

Piico.com Fails the radio test miserably but a cool looking name. One bidder

Prestigex.com Sounds classy

FrenchTube.com A whole site dedicated to smoking and getting a job in 5 years





I Said I Wouldn’t List Any LLLL.nets Anymore But They Are Starting To Cross $100 So I Put Them Up Today






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Pander.com   20 years old.     Like the writeup.  Actually well done

Puertas.com   Means doors in Spanish.   Getting some very good bids.  All countries have doors

Animations.io    15 bids and no reserve so it will sell.   Everyone loves a cartoon

Bellevue.io   One of the hottest cities in Washington.  The dot com sold for big money.  Not sure if geo dot io go together though

VIPCleaning.com  Upgrade name for quite a few companies



GreenBeans.com  Closing today.  Good if that’s what you sell

Recommendations.com  It’s how people make decisions on the web now

FlowPrice.com   Everything is all about the flow.  Working with it or guiding it.

GradeViewer.com   All kid’s grades are online now.   We use one called TeacherEase.  This is a better name

TurnipWorld.com  Not saying it has value but certainly memorable.  16 years old

ReWatch.com   Great name for on demand videos.  Or used watches

TheBugaloos.com   Showing my age but used to love to watch this when I was a kid.  Even at 5 I thought the girl was hot

GoodYellow.com  No bids.  Another that has easy to remember words and would make a good brand

GAPO.com  I thought it would hit $5K and we’re almost there

CGDM.com   Good letters. M for management.  These are up about 20% the last month

OILN.com    crude or porn.  But I guess every one of these names could be a porn name if you want.

LazyKitty.com  I’m not sure what’s more amazing.  The price or the fact it hasn’t met reserve.  Although cats rule the Internet

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com


And just for some info, here are Sedo’s Sales from Last week

Domain name Price Currency

vivado.com 10,000 EUR
napaconnect.com 10,000 USD
hanline.com 9,900 USD
ider.com 9,500 USD
sportlegends.com 8,000 USD
vraudio.com 8,000 USD
carsol.com 5,000 EUR
usaproperties.com 5,000 USD
onlinevideothek.com 5,000 EUR
rockandstars.com 5,000 USD
prolove.com 4,999 USD
pbtech.com 4,900 USD
gnomeland.com 4,900 EUR
showcloud.com 4,650 EUR
unitedrespect.com 4,500 EUR
365d.com 3,999 EUR
qroad.com 3,750 USD
bicyclecloud.com 3,650 USD
ultragame.com 3,500 USD
flavorflav.com 3,250 USD
ezuzu.com 3,001 USD
fobid.com 3,000 USD
aginc.com 3,000 USD
quantumoil.com 3,000 USD
energyvalves.com 3,000 USD
3dprintingshop.com 2,995 EUR
fashionparadigm.com 2,850 USD
entertainmentworldmagazine.com 2,850 USD
cachevalleyent.com 2,800 EUR
fitprime.com 2,650 USD
vr4.com 2,500 USD
simplevillage.com 2,500 USD
behavioralscientist.com 2,499 USD
arrivalsdepartures.com 2,350 USD
mycyberscore.com 2,300 USD
abogadocorona.com 2,250 USD
meuip.com 2,200 USD
ebookplatform.com 2,177 USD
mobileappdevelopers.com 2,050 USD
infoapps.com 2,000 EUR
loadlimit.com 2,000 USD

lti.co 3,999 USD
rea.io 3,200 USD
timeshares.co.za 3,000 USD
kobe.co 3,000 USD
auto-kennzeichen.de 3,000 EUR
jca.co.uk 2,888 GBP
wie.de 2,500 EUR
uccelli.it 2,400 EUR
julie.tv 2,000 USD
pof.pe 2,000 USD

aushilfsjobs.info 2,500 EUR
beer.beer 2,000 USD
giftstore.net 2,000 USD


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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