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Now’s your chance to get all kinds of great domain deals while many investors are in Vegas, and may have spent all of their money at the NamesCon right of the dot, NameJet auction.

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The No Bid List  Made by smart robots  Any charity in Canada, or a name for when the next big Canadian earth quake or hurricane comes through  fitness blog, or training of any sort  Googles that turn everything you look at into a kangaroo health products, cure for something  Carries boxes around all day just for fun  A guide to remaking your favorite wine at home A name for Sam’s club or Costco  Currently  perfomance enhancing drugs aren’t allowed in MLB, but I submit to you How fricken awesome would it be to let them do whatever they want in the new sport “Crazy Baseball”. Imagine all the home runs, balls hit way out of the park, super fast runners, and I would also allow fighting, particularly charging the mound. It would be a mix of hockey and baseball. A brand of tractor that’s huge  This is a real thing, drones that fly around and blow shit up.  Like the show drunk history.  Turn on the energy  Buy all the things you need for your next festival. Actually not a bad idea. There’s festivals every year all over the place, it would be a one stop shop for all the things you need to run it at wholesale prices. When the words are positioned in this order it has more of a verb or action feel. Healthy Guide is more of a noun or thing.  A store that engraves and makes handmade leather things.  Sounds cool and could be anything  Cool things that are coming soon  Short for rehab specialist  Like a hot dog cart  Go off the grid with un grid



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