Nov 04 2018

Here in the U.S., today is the end of Daylight Savings Time so be sure to roll your clocks back by an hour.  It’s nice to get the extra hour today, but it would be fine with me if we did away with the whole Daylight Savings thing.  It’s disruptive for all sorts of things other than sleep patterns.  In can be particularly annoying in the technology world when server clocks roll back to the same time they were an hour ago.  All of a sudden, you have backups, database records, etc that overlap.  It’s all much better than it used to be, but it is still something that costs money and time.

Shane is off running marathons and partying with friends like the maniac that he is.  He will be back to his regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  Enjoy the list and click through to buy if you see something you like.

Namejet, Sedo and Others

WageClaims.com  nice name for an attorney who deals with wage claims

TopCars.com    only a few days left to bid on this top car name

InternationalCycling.com  surprising to me that this is not owned by an organization already

85739.com  there are a LOT of 5N.com names rolling through Namejet these days

pxo.com  this one closes a couple hours before this post goes live, but it’s possible that bids are still going on by the time the post is live.  It’s met reserve and is currently at $13,499.

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids

BikiniBar.com most bids on the board at the time of writing – a new breastraunt

kazuma.com a Japanese name meaning True Harmony

Teletherapy.com probably my favorite name on the board

GigaBeat.com tech or music

LoveMakeup.com crazy how much time my nieces spent watcing makeup videos online when they were younger

CruiserBike.com I saw an article that GM is getting into the ebike business

ZonedOut.com meditation

WizardSchool.com it doesn’t have to be about Harry Potter

chlc.org a 1992 WHOIS creation date???

Crampy.com I’m not saying anything

GeoPlanning.com it’s a thing

uzth.com only 4L.com expiring today

ComputerBay.com another oldie with a 1995 birthdate

YouExperience.com adventure travel

DoFla.com do Florida

WestCable.com sell cable west of the Mississippi

SpiceDigital.com digital is a great keyword that can cover many industries

Godaddy Domains With No Bids

TrueDomainer.com one of you can make good use of this

BitReturn.com crypto performance tracking tool

BicycleUs.com sell bikes coast to coast

BrandBonus.com not a bad brand site name

UncleFarty.com hahaha

CasualCase.com phone and other device cases

BlewSky.com hmm… doesn’t work, but what a fantastic name the correct spelling would be

TribalValley.com sounds like a clothing brand

UsAlgae.com biofuel

LotTown.com real estate

LiveUfo.com start your own conspiracy site

TouchQB.com mobile football game

KarClub.com carclub.com redirects to a Walmart site called car saver and I don’t see a trademark on the term

UnitFund.com financial company

CinnamonShack.com yummmmm

NameHeads.com all of us

TheBlowfly.com dive bar

PromotePoint.com advertising analytics

NameFunds.com lend money to domainers

FameAuto.com luxury cars

BeATutor.com tutor training site

NanoAid.com hopefully, nanotech will be the future of medicine

BriteFashion.com  nice fashion brand

TastePaste.com memorable alliteration for a squeeze tube of candy

CureHer.com sounds like a breast cancer awareness site

FlowSeo.com nice sounding SEO name

PriceHelp.com price comparison tool

Twistability.com one-worder for a yoga studio

MainPawn.com any pawn shop on main street – there must be several

AggieNews.com newsflash, Aggie football is just as annoying to watch as ever

mojitoz.com Cuban bar

BinaryEye.com security software

ALsucks.com they definitely don’t, and what an impressive win over LSU. what does suck is watching them win year after year – it’s amazing and annoying to anyone who isn’t an AL fan Shane…



























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      1. steve brady

        DST was invented so that people who sleep till 8AM won’t miss that first hour of sunshine.

        Maybe they can get out of bed earlier and nobody has to touch the clocks.

  1. Michael

    I always make sure to use your links, for many years now. : ) I appreciate the time you guys take to make the lists and write each day. I know $1200……..now I have to eat ramen all week….but I think I did okay….time will tell as it always does. What do you think about the purchase price, Travis? Just curious…

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      Awesome man – really appreciate it. What do you intend to do with it? Is it something you have an idea for, or are you investing in the name for resell? The only way it got to $1,200 is that other people loved it almost as much. Seriously, my nieces would sit there and watch other people put on makeup for hours and hours every day. It’s crazy. Of course, this generation also likes to watch other people play video games online rather than play them themselves. I don’t understand it.

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