DSAD’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday, May 11th, 2015

May 11 2015


Where have all the domain blogs gone?  As everyone knows, May is a tough month for me to write and I don’t have much time to read the blogs.  But lately it really hasn’t mattered.  We’re pretty much down to DomainInvesting, TheDomains, DomainGang,  OnlineDomains and DomainIncite.   Morgan is busy with FashionMetric and has written more about Python than his domain buys and sales.  Raymond Hackney writes for everyone else and his home blog is down to a daily sales list and now a Godaddy affiliate list. Mark Hershiser has gone on long hiatus.  Jason Thompson is now pure cybersecurity, and the rest pop up every once in a while but nothing consistent. This isn’t a criticism of ANY blog.  We all get busy.  This blogging stuff is hard. Especially if you’re looking to try and make a living at it.  And why wouldn’t you build a business instead of blogging?   Aaron wrote a post yesterday about his acquisitions and it reminded me that it’s been pretty much down to Elliot and Konstantinos when it comes to acquisition, sales, and overall personal daily life domaining stories now.  Francois of Domaining.com never said this directly but it had gotten so sparse that he added 3rd party domain articles to fill the feed with stories. I don’t know that is really the reason but I bet it had something to do with it. Yes, there are some that come out every once in a while and write some fantastic stuff, like Eric Borgos, but they aren’t as often as they used to be.  Maybe I was newer 7 years ago and had more to learn so I found everything more interesting.  But I do think some of the people that wrote the great articles have gone on to other things.  It’s also why Aaron and I joined together.  Because we both have other careers we knew that together we wrote an acceptable site where solo we didn’t provide enough quality content.  But as long as Elliot and Michael keep it up I’ll keep reading.  Here are today’s names

ABWG.com   16 years old.  Good letters. Not Chinese letters but good Scrabble letters

 ITrainYou.com  Great personal training marketing name.  No bidders.

HawaiianShirt.net  Its a dot net but the Hawaiian shirt market is bigger than you think. Not just for fat people any more

MMRY.com   I see mammary.  I’ll just leave now

RapidStaff.com  Great name for temporary labor company.  Essentially what is being sold.  NO bidders

XJYX.com  Flanked by X =  a price with lots of digits

iClinicalTrials.com  I recently had a friend that lost a battle to cancer and her last days where spent trying to find trials to join. I impinge their are hundreds of thousands of others trying to do the same thing.  Could be a very valuable buildout. No bidders

GGKP.com  Another bad scrabble name getting a great price

FWCW.com  And one more 4 figure domain

SHZR.com  Geez, just came across another crazy price.   Why didn’t I buy more “bad” letter LLLL.coms?

MMP.cc  New Godaddy high for an LLL.cc

MarijuanaSupplier.com  Much easier to find than asking around at a liquor store

NEW GODADDY COUPON CODE: $1.99 New Registration Godaddy hitched149

WUXO.com  Surprised that the reserve has been met a such low a price.  Going to sell regardless

RomanticIslands.com  Just went to auction.  The honeymoon travel business is a billion dollar business.  And they all want to take a trip to a romantic island.  15 years old

CoffeeHouses.net   Tens of thousands of coffee houses around the world.   One on every corner.  No bidders

TOYS.io   Dot io continues to sell well.  Starting to extend beyond tech names

8255.com  Crossed 5 figures and climbing

ZB.org   It’s not dot com but its one of the big three. Still pretty rare

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now

MissingPersons.com  I see the use on this one but not sure how you monetize.

 EKLA.com   Something something Los Angeles

AdultSocialNetwork.com  Trying to figure out if this will be adult as in older or as in naked.  28 bidders already have a plan

StarWriter.com  A really good writer, a blog about celebrities.  Or just a guy that loves astronomy

NDNE.com   There are plenty of great LLLL.coms on the auction market lately. This is one of them

BitsNBobs.com  I actually hadn’t heard the term but I saw the bidders and looked it up.  Over a million results for the term so its obviously still used.  Would make a great kids brand.

PokerComp.com  All poker rooms are not created equally.  Serious poker players want to know which rooms give the best comps.  A site in the waiting

CedarGlen.com  Upgrade name for many places

HorseCreek.com   Ditto.  Sounds like a nice neighborhood in Dallas

ItsMadeForYou.com  With the world of bulk buying, personalization is becoming more and more of a need.  Great marketing name for those that do

BarberPole.com Good old fashion hair care name

TMCS.com  Has the most bids of all the LLLL.coms today

OVOO.com At $12oo and the auction hasn’t even started

RedRaven.com  Good communication name.  But I may be the last person who still communicates by Raven

MobileSales.com  The English call a phone a mobile.  So the PhoneSales.com of Britain

For more great names make sure to check out CAX.com

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.

*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct

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  1. DrDomainer

    It all went down hill after Rick stopped blogging. Namepros is the best place to learn now. I can’t understand why some people do
    Domaining blogs and they own CRAP

  2. Eric Borgos

    Shane – Thanks for the shout out. I read your blog every day when it shows up on domaining.com, which I go to every day. I used to bookmark individual domaining sites, but now I just wait until I see the latest article from them on domaining.com, which makes it easier for me. There may be less commentary type blog postings (like Rick Schwartz), but still always lots of interesting news about which domains people are buying and selling (for example I found the Marchex/Godaddy sale, and the comments about it, fascinating).

  3. Oren Arbit

    Love the site, been reading the auction picks daily! Do you ever post auction results? Would love to figure out where I can figure out how these ended up. Any suggestions?

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