Flippa – A Look Forward: HotDog.com, Quests.com, Sketches.com, WUXO.com, More

May 11 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

WUXO.com – Very nice CVCV.com, and the price shows it. BIN of $2,800.

ERSS.com – Not pronounceable, but great letters, and pricing under $300 as I write this.

Sketches.com – Flexible word — art, comedy, and lots more. Google’s SketchUp is a 3D modeling software.

50 Domain Portfolio – Including NotSure.com, SkinTools.com, TubGrip.com, and more.

StudentFilm.com – Education related? Surprised to see the $10 CPC, per Estibot.

Reserve Not Met

hot dogHotDog.com – AWESOME brand.

Crete.com – An island destination with a population over 600,000.

Quests.com – Sounds like a game, or a travel company, or a reality TV show, or ……..

SchoolTeacher.com – Education portal? Another $10 CPC domain, similar to StudentFilm.com, above.

Mape.com – “mean absolute percentage error” per Wikipedia. I’ll just call it a nice CVCV.com

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  1. Keith DeBoer

    Some expiring auctions sales at Go Daddy last week:

    SocialTree.com $500
    BrandGuy.com $504
    DomainNamePortfolio.com $7,100
    Katherine-Heigl.com $504
    GroupPay.com $3852
    DRONO.COM $2650
    SmartDecisions.com $460

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