Early Access Pricing for the Donuts Two Character Release: Uniregistry Wins in Pricing Hands Down

Sep 10 2015

It’s pretty obvious that registrars can pick their own pricing when it comes to the Donuts release of 200,000 two character domains that started today. I say this because as I look into ordering a few names early (you know I like 88 domains) I noticed that Godaddy is DOUBLE the price of Uniregistry.  Godaddy must believe that they can charge a higher rate and nobody will notice because they only use Godaddy.  Here is a chart I made up of the prices I found. You can see that Uniregistry is cheapest across the board with Name coming in second.  Of course there are other registries offering Early Order but these are the three I use.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.31.10 PM

One thing I did notice is at Uniregistry you have to put the name into a cart to see the pricing of the rest of the days. On the front page you only get that particular day’s pricing but you can see future rates once you put it into the cart. If you choose to wait until its cheaper you just have to come back on that day.  I can live with that for $200 in savings or twice as many domains for the same price on day 5.

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  1. Samit

    It’s amazing to see so many people spending so much money in the hope of finding the bigger fool.

    When you can’t tell who the patsy at the poker table is, it’s usually you.

  2. steve brady

    When ordering NEW registrations from GoDaddy, it’s best not to mix domain extensions in the same order. For example, .Space is 41% off by default, if you throw a .Today in the same cart and attempt to use a 35% discount code, the system will only honor the discount on .Space and will not discount the .Today at all. The .Today or .Whatever in a separate order will accept the 35% discount code. CJCRMN35 Keep extensions in separate GoDaddy orders.

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