Elliot’s Blog Rebrands to DomainInvesting.com

Oct 15 2013

I would like to congratulate Elliot Silver on a great move to rebrand his blog to DomainInvesting.com.  There are very few domains in our industry that do a better job describing what we do and in my opinion, will present a better SEO, image, and investment opportunity for Elliot.   Here is the official press release that will be making the rounds a little later this morning.

Elliot’s Blog Rebrands as DomainInvesting.com

Popular domain investing website is now known as DomainInvesting.com.

Elliot’s Blog, a domain investing blog established in 2007 by Internet entrepreneur and domain investor Elliot Silver, has rebranded as DomainInvesting.com. The rebranded website was launched this morning, and visitors to the ElliotsBlog.com domain name are now automatically redirected to the DomainInvesting.com website.

“I privately acquired DomainInvesting.com earlier this year,” said Silver. “I believe rebranding as DomainInvesting.com will allow me to expand the audience of my blog, especially to people who are not familiar with the business of investing in domain names. With the continued growth of the domain aftermarket combined with the introduction of new gTLD domain names, I anticipate that there will be an influx in investment capital for domain name assets, and the DomainInvesting.com branding is more suitable for continued growth.”

At the present time, no changes in the day-to-day operations of the blog are expected to be made. Additional expert writers may be brought on board to share advice, strategy, and insight in the future. The change from a personal brand to a descriptive brand will allow contributors to publish editorial content without author confusion.

Elliot’s Blog has seen over 2 million visits since it began tracking traffic in 2009. Each month, tens of thousands of people visit the website to learn more about domain name investing and to receive tips and advice about domain name investments.

Tia Wood managed the web development and design modifications of the website, and Acroplex, LLC created the logo and color scheme for the new brand. Everspark Interactive provided onsite optimization services, and the Go Daddy hosting team helped oversee the doma

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  1. Elliot Silver

    Thank you for sharing the news! Stressful and exciting.

    I am interested in hearing feedback from others (good or bad).

  2. Elliot Silver

    @ stu

    No matter what logo I chose, there would be people who dislike it. I’ve had much more positive than negative feedback about the logo, and I like it, so it’s going to stay.

    The feedback is appreciated though. If there was significantly more negative feedback about the logo, I would probably address it, but that hasn’t been the case.

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