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Do Any of These 17 Things Apply to Anyone Else?

1. I check my traffic stats more than my email.  It’s like an addiction. I don’t know if I care of if it’s habit but either way I think I’ve typed sitemeter more than I have my name in emails

2. I spend more time thinking about how I am going to develop a name than I actually spend doing it.  If I would actually do something rather than thinking about it I might actually get something accomplished

3. I hate reading about someone’s day (on a blog)  unless it involves making money, technology or is a funny story.   I give slight exception to domaining related stuff but otherwise I skip it

4. I can’t get myself to use Twitter.  I felt like I HAD to post.  When I feel like I have to do something I usually don’t enjoy it.  It doesn’t mean I’m abandoning it, just taking a break

5.  I could care less what a blog’s layout looks like.  All I care about is content.  Other that not being able to get at the content because the ads are blocking me, I don’t give a sh##

6.  I think people that say “I don’t have time” are liars.  What they mean is ” I don’t want to make time for that”

7.  I bank check all my money.  I used to work as a teller at a horse track and a dog track and it’s followed me ever since

8.  I look at someone’s mouth when they talk.  I’m like a deaf person.  I try and make eye contact but I drift back to their mouth.

9.  I hate people that answer “no problem”  as if it might have been if it didn’t go well.  I prefer “my pleasure” and ” you’re welcome”

10.  I have no desire to own a million dollar name unless I paid a lot less for it.  I would never spend that much unless I have plenty of millions behind it.

11.  I use Apple products because I like them.  I buy them early to be cool.  I want people to say oohh and ahhh

12.  I try and save $3 at the grocery store and use coupons yet throw away $250 daily, no questions asked, on domains.  I’m a financial hypocrite

13. I want to punch some of the people that comment on mine and other people’s blogs in the face.  I don’t like violence but if people knew that they could possibly get punched in the face for comments they might actually rethink what they write

14.  I’m a huge Republican and I’m embarrassed to be one right now

15.  Domain forums are now worthless to me. I haven’t sold a domain there in over a year.  It could be me or maybe they’ve taken a downhill turn

16. I think it’s sexy to see women buying domains at an auction.  I know, it’s weird

17. Quality trumps quantity, unless it’s money.  No such thing as quality money, it all spends the same

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15 Replies to “Do Any of These 17 Things Apply to Anyone Else?”

  1. 6 is so true.

    lol number 12 I do the exact same. Online every day I can spend money on shares/domains whatever and I couldnt care less if it doesnt work out but I wouldnt buy anything at the shops without making sure I can get it cheaper.

  2. Great post Shane! For me checking traffic and revenue stats has become an almost hourly obsession!!

    Oh and of course I use Apple products…but not just because they are sexy – but because they are in a whole different league. As I’ve always said – Once you go Mac, you never go back!

  3. I think people that say “I don’t have time” are liars. What they mean is ” I don’t want to make time for that”

    I love that quote.


  4. #12 is so true for myself.

    I would think twice before buying a shirt I like but a $1200 domain is like, yeah sure, lets get it.

  5. You want to punch people why ? Because you don’t agree with their opinion ? Or their writing style ?

    I think you are taking no problem a liitle too literally. Some people say no problem to everything. Just like people over use the word Cool. Everything is not cool, but all day no matter what the topic, someone says cool. I mean someone asked what I had for lunch, then after I tell them they say cool. NO it was a sandwich nothing cool about it.

    I agree on #15

  6. First, not really punch them, just a figure of speech and I’m not talking about this blog. The Internet in general. The rude and hateful things put in the comments are crazy. Put there behind a shield of distance and anonymity. As for “no problem” it is a response. It used to be someone says “Thank you” and you responded with a polite response. Now people don’t say thank you and if they do they get “no problem” I guess I’m old but I get more letters and emails about my staff being polite and I think half of it is they are not allowed to respond with “no problem” to customers

  7. Except for your weird mouth fetish, I agree with the other 16 points – 15 if you still want to punch me.

  8. I used to check my Adsense account at least once an hour while I was online. I’ve since quit doing that and check it once a week maybe.

    I do enjoy building sites, so that’s why I still do it. 🙂

  9. “No such thing as quality money, it all spends the same.”

    I laughed out loud at this one. Do you realize how much the purchasing power of a U.S. dollar (or more precisely, Federal Reserve Note) has fallen since 1971 when the U.S. went off the gold standard? Over -99%!

    Here’s how you can tell:

    Price of One Ounce of Gold in US$:

    1971: $35
    2010: $1,100

    Nothing about the ounce of gold changed at all — an ounce of gold in 1971 was exactly like an ounce of gold in 2010 — and gold has not gotten more rare (world above-ground supply expands about 2% per year as it gets mined out of the ground) but it now takes far more U.S. dollars to buy that same ounce of gold. The main thing that changed: the quality of the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power!

    Quality is EXTREMELY important in choosing the currency in which you earn, save, and invest. The world’s problem: the U.S. dollar is still the best of the world’s currencies — the euro, yen, ruble, etc. have even bigger problems than the U.S. dollar right now. The Swiss franc and Chinese renminbi are the only government-backed paper currencies that give the U.S. dollar a, um, run for its money but there simply isn’t enough liquidity for those currencies to compete hard against the dollar right now.

    1. I hate Gold. I think gold itself is ugly and would be caught dead wearing any. Even my wedding ring is platinum. As a former trader you wasted your lesson as I am more proficient at hedging inflation, currency devaluation and fear (I use the CBOE’s VIX to hedge many of my investments) than most people you’ll meet. Hell I even use snow indexes to hedge my snow plowing business. My post was a joke but a quick answer………..I’ve always had enough money that it didn’t really matter

  10. Public domain forums are definitely a waste of time.

    Private domain forums- you’ll never know.

    1. For someone that doesn’t like my blog, you sure visit here a lot. Any domain forum that will have me isn’t good enough for me anyway

  11. Your background is my background Shane, nice to see you smack down another troll. And the price of an ounce of Gold is not the same. There were people who lost their ass in the 80’s and 90’s. I know where the punch in the face comment came from.

    Shane picked up a cool 5l that dropped yesterday

  12. What a fun post, Shane! We have a lot in common.

    #8: I do this as well. What’s wierd, is that I notice when others do and am put off by it a little, lol. I make an effort to watch the eyes, and find it much easier to do when the person opposite me is well spoken and annunciates (and when there is no background noise). I also watch English movies with subtitles…

    #14: Agreed. I’ve called myself an independent conservative for years… What a clusterf*** BOTH parties have become.

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