For As Little as $10 I Can Put You In Some of These Fine Domains That Are Dropping

Apr 02 2010

Not a lot of great names but plenty of good ones today.  There is a plethra of solid dot orgs if you like 3 blocks away from the beach type domain names. Here are a few I found The $26 CPC gets me excited.  If only I knew how to harness it.  Maybe you can $2100 valuate.  This is one of those names you pick up for under $100 and flip for a few K.  It’s also the type domain that sits in my account for years hoping that actually comes true Not a lot of searches but most people don’t search the net in this situation.  I bet they would remember that if they went to that it would find the nearest preferred locksmith. A lot of a letters but a nice name for the price This would be a piece of cake to monetize and it doesn’t seem to be much bid action

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  1. CC

    Tried to get but it said it was passed its backorder deadline. Wish I would have checked in earlier.

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