Obama Knows T-Shirts Are Gold: “Health Care is a Big F’n Deal” T-Shirts Now For Sale on His Site

obama_BFD_shirtThere are a million ways to make money on the Internet but the old tried and true method has always been selling T-Shirts.  Barack Obama is going back to old faithful this week with the introduction of the “Health Care is a Big F’n Deal” shirts for sale on his site. While I expected someone to print these shirts , I had no idea the President would try and monetize Biden’s famous quote and am a bit surprised he would allow a obvious representation of foul language to sold at his home site. Even though I am a Republican (I’m not proud of it at this particular point in time), I thought Biden’s comment that led to the shirt was great.  I think cursing has its place in language and he used it perfectly. Cursing is used for attention and exclamation.  A place where no other word quite does the trick.  “This is a big deal”  just doesn’t describe it as well as “this is a big fuckin’ deal”.   Which one sounds more important?

It’s amazing that the business model from my 1980’s fraternity house is still active today.  Have a party?  Make and sell a T-shirt” .  A fraternity brother say something funny?  Print and sell a T-shirt.   Looks like monetizing a site with a T-shirt is still a big fuckin deal.

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