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Wired is reporting that Feds have seized 307 sports related domain names just days before the Super Bowl. Of these, 291 domains were used to sell fake or non-licensed apparel and the remaining domains were being used to stream unauthorized live sporting events.

The seizures came from the Homeland Security’s ICE unit.

When I first heard the news I immediately visited First Row Sports is a site that I may or may not have used to watch football and hockey games in the past. (I do have 3 TV’s in my living room for football but what can I say sometimes there’s 4 games I want to watch at once). Sure enough, the domain has been seized and the now commonly known ‘ICE’ page showed up.

At the time of posting, is still up and running.


Domain Spotlight:

3 Replies to “Feds Seize 307 Sports Related Domain Names Just Before Super Bowl Weekend”

  1. I know a guy who used to make $40K a month with these sites. Just as an affiliate for the sites actually pirating sports streams.

  2. 40K a month just being an affiliate ? Dang, why can’t the entertainment industry setup a viable business model around that ?
    Sounds alot better then taking down sites and see them popup a day later somewhere else.

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