The Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping on the Net

Feb 04 2012

Great week this week. Fantastic for Shane the businessman and domainer, bad for Domain Shane. I’ll go into more detail in the next couple days.  Many of the reports you read from non attendees about events will be missing some details and back stories that you will never know.  There are some hilarious stories that will never be published but will be talking about for many years to come.  The Bugatti story alone has already become a legend and a fable but one I will let others try and recount. I’m just going to show you a list of domains I like this weekend.  Not a huge problem for me but then again I wear a girdle Great name for something rough.  It’s what I call our streets around here after winter  Great name that won’t go cheap.  I always have trouble figuring out how many c’s and s’s though.  But to even it out I’m great spelling banana  Solid………like a rock $27,000 valuate and 5300 searches. They aren’t most likely going to search using the word accessories but that’s what they are looking for.  It’s how I like my toast and my hot chocolate.*  A nice going for cheap over at Godaddy.  This is actually a first and last name and probably the only first name I’ve ever seen without a vowell  Great product name and the what the area of High School I was not allowed.  This one is going to do well for a drop.  Sell it to ESPN or maybe they just take it from you  There are a TON of geo dot nets like this at at Godaddy today.  Too many to listat all super cheap  What they used to call Secretaries

*Paid listing

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