Finally Friday. Today’s Nice Dropping Domains and Links

Apr 30 2010

There may be a few more good names dropping today but I didn’t see much value there.  Here are a few I liked and I’ll take a look again in the morning with a fresh mind.  Make sure to check the links below. I love this one. It will go for over a thousand but a very nice name.   I may be bidding on this $14,000 valuate and high CPC of $28 Again nice CPC of $20.  I think there are brokers in Canada, don’t know much about Canada except for Michael J. Fox and Alanis Morrisette. Not a very religious man but many are.  $2000 valuation



The “In Case You Missed It” Links


eDomaining has a nice list of GoDaddy coupon codes []

Why Product Domains Make Amazing MiniSites [teendomainer]

Playing with the kids can be painful  [some random funny pic]

Is it just me or has this name been up for sale for 5 years straight?  [dnforum]

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