Flippa – A Look Forward: VIJ.com, JVD.com, MAJ.com, Sewing.com, Wages.com, More

Aug 25 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

15 Domain Portfolio Has three LLLL.com domains as the most valuable in the portfolio, in my opinion. GAVQ.com, XRVD.com, ZNVP.com, and a few new G’s and a couple .com domains.

60 Domain Portfolio – Domains include 1936.org, iGreenhouses.com, eEvaluations.com, and more.

The requisite LLLL.com, in my opinion of the order of their value:

Windowsill.com – Common term, but you don’t run out to the store to buy windowsills….or at least I don’t know anyone that does. Low $xxx at press time.

Reserve Not Met

A few nice LLL.com domains, in my opinion of the order of their value:

  • MAJ.com – Sold for only $9,999 back in 2011 at Sedo.

wagesGrunge.com – A domain owned by Perception.com. BIN of $30k.

Wages.com – The second or third time around on the Flippa platform…..has been up to $22k in bidding previously.

Sewing.com – Big name, and bidding getting up into the upper 5-figures. 41,000 searches per month, per Estibot.

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