Flippa – A Look Forward: 1095.com and TopTwenty.com Hit Reserve. UV.com, QT.com, 0845.com

Jun 23 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell1095

1095.com – This one is being brokered by Domain Holdings, and it’s nice to see a couple of their names hitting reserve recently. The last couple of NNNN.com comps include 2675.com for $16,500, 5082.com for $14,500, and 6820.com for $16,920.

TopTwenty.com – This one sold recently for $1,427 at DropCatch, and current bidding at Flippa is above that level. BIN is $7,888.

Described.com – I don’t love past tense verbs, but one word domains sell. This one just hit 4-figures.

RNNJ.com – Good letters and a repeating N. NJ for New Jersey?

Reserve Not Met

0845.com – This one is under $1k, so it has alot of room to run.

UV.com and QT.com – I don’t think I’ve seen an LL.com on Flippa before, and there are two this week, in conjunction with Domain Holdings.

BFH.com – Nice letters. Battlefield Heroes appears to be a popular phrase tying to the letters.

MAJ.com – This one has been up before without meeting reserve.

DNPrices.com – A domain sales database is at the hack DNPric.es.

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