Flippa – A Look Forward: 3 LLLL.com Portfolios, Reports.net, FB.io, A40.com, More

Apr 05 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

FB.io – I know this is a Facebook abbreviation, but these .io domains continue to amaze me.

TA.io – Even this one has hit 4-figures.

G6S.com – CCC.com don’t seem to have taken too much of a hit in wholesale prices recently.

Donut.net – Nice brandable keyword, but a .net.

BoardMembers.com – Not sure what I’d do with the domain, but it’s worth a few bucks in my opinion.

GWOQ.com and QOXB.com – Confusing listing title, but there are two LLLL.com here.

Additional LLLL.com Domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

SanAntonioHomes.com – I don’t know what these “homes” domains go for these days, but I’ve seen several geo + homes in use.

NiceFrance.com – A 350,000 person city in the French Riviera.

A40.com – Nice LNN.com.

Lot #1 – 10 LLLL.com – YROJ.com, ZVRP.com, more.

Lot #2 – 10 LLLL.com – VXYL.com, HGUZ.com, more.

Lot #3 – 10 LLLL.com – RJOX.com, YNJI.com, more.

A couple noteworthy one word .net domains:

eWebsite.com – The “e” is almost redundant when talking about a website, but bidding is looking good.

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