Flippa – A Look Forward: AppDesigners.com, QOQ.com, DIE.com, Problem.com, More

Jun 08 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

AppDesigners.com – The singular sold for $2,500 in 2011, and is now fully developed. The pricing on the plural is less than a third of it at press time.

iQOD.com – I see iPod. Alexa rank near 16 million, so it gets a little traffic.

Shed.org – The keyword is more commercial in nature, but since it’s a .org, the price is only around $200.

JJUR.com – Double “J” for under $100

DQAA.com – Double “A” for about the same price.

JRDW.com – No vowels, which is apparently the way to go for LLLL.com these days.

dieReserve Not Met

DIE.com – Not just death…..manufacturing dies (tools), as well.

QOQ.com – The double Q is at $21k.

VFR.com – The seller sees “Virtual Future”, but I see a LLL.com.

Problem.com – Per the seller, “This name can get you businesses at your door step like a money making machine.” Hmmmm……

FP.org – The two most recent LL.org comps are PJ.org at $10,001 via NameJet and ZB.org at $10,099 via Sedo.

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