Flippa – A Look Forward: BodyAches.com, Movie.io Hit Reserve. Lows.com, NVL.com, WMD.com, More

Mar 29 2015

Reserve Met And Will Sell

Movie.io – Will be interesting to see how far this runs. Movie.info sold at Flippa last year for around $24k, and Movie.to sold in 2013 for $15,600.

AmazingReviews.com – Bidders like it more than me, but differences of opinion are what make a market.

Tabletz.com – Similar to the name above……”z” instead of an “s” isn’t my thing, but that’s OK….they’ve been selling.

NSR.net – Nice letters

Pregnant.io – WTH? Bidding has far surpassed what I would have predicted…..I thought .io domains were only popular for techy names.

VUM.com – $12k with over a week to go.

BodyAches.com – I have a few after today’s trail run that turned into a snow run….pictured below.

snow run

Reserve Not Met

Goliath.com – Second time around, and I still like it.

WMD.com – Same as Goliath.com comment.

NVL.com – Two out of three good letters……which seems to be more than what is needed to sell a LLL.com for the 5-figures these days.

Surfboard.net – Nearly 30,000 searches per month per Estibot. The .org sold for $3,601.

Lows.com – A certain hardware store probably generates loads of traffic for this one……

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