Flippa – A Look Forward: Borough.com, Movie.info, QuestionEverything.com, Flipping.info All Hit Reserve

Jun 22 2014

Several domains with reserve met this week for all budgets………depending upon what you’re looking for.

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Movie.info – $3,250 – I’m not a .info kind of guy, but millions and millions of searches each month for movie/movies/related phrases means that this price will continue to move up.borough

Borough.com – $3,049 – $49k Estibot value, if you’re a believer.

BookFlights.net – $555 – If you’ve got the SEO and development skills to compete with the big boys, this one has lots of search volume and nearly $3 CPC….but it’s not for the faint of heart or small pocketbooks.

B.bike – $110

QuestionEverything.com – $65 – Many applications…..for the non-believers.

Flipping.info – $60

Quieted.com – $11 – The “ed” isn’t great, but a dictionary word will still sell.

Alimony.co, Tuba.co, Clarinets.co, and 12 other .co domains – One buck ($1.00) for 15 one and two-word .co domains? Perhaps the new Gs are taking a bite out of the .co aftermarket.

Reserve Not Met

HealthSupplements.com – $30,000 – This one has been around the block several times already, but it’s still a great name.

Thriller.com – $20,200 – Love the name, but I’m not sure if the owner has reseller pricing in mind……he was asking for 6-figure offers immediately after he picked up this domain for $19,000 in 2012.

Leah.com – $12,000 – Popular first name.

Ariana.com – $5,250 – Another first name.

CDAY.com and 100 more LLLL.com domains – $2,000. If you’re a LLLL.com fan, you can pick up domains such as VYDD.com, XOMG.com, LZUE.com and many more.

Unless.com – $1,500

MS1.com – $1,250 – I love CCC.com’s, but I believe it has reached its limit for resellers.

Cleveland.info – $250 – LeBron’s destination?

Landscaping.net – $155 – Every homeowner has it, and many pay big bucks to improve it. Estibot says over 70,000 searches per month, with a healthy CPC near $3.00.

RealEstateForeclosures.com – $125 – Bidding got up to $10,000 in a previous listing, but didn’t meet reserve.

SeattleRestaurant.com – $80

GamingSpot.com – $45 – Great brand name, though there will be confusion with the sub-1,000 Alexa ranked GameSpot.com.

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