Flippa – A Look Forward: CLN.com, OAR.com, LOV.com, CookieRecipes.com, Downloads.net

Oct 13 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Appeared.com – One word .com domains always sell well. I’m not a huge fan of “-ed” domains, but the seller lists some nice “-ed” previous sales.

Some LLLL.com, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. CLYT.com
  2. AMZE.com
  3. ZBVS.com
  4. QPXU.com

Reserve Not Met

CLN.com – Sold at the BIN of $45,000 while I was typing this on Monday. When I see JHG.com sell last week on NameJet for $54,000, the BIN looks to be a decent deal.

A few more LLL.com, each of which has been on the sales block at Flippa previously:

  1. NOY.com – BIN of $45,000, same as what CLN sold for above.
  2. YNI.com – At least the second time around at Flippa, and the $120k BIN doesn’t enourage bidding. Better find an end user if they want that price.
  3. LOV.com – BIN of $150k. Sold for $91,800 on NameJet last year.

CookieRecipes.com – Tons of search volume, at 90,000+ per month. CPC around $0.80, per Estibot. SOLD at a BIN of $19,999 yesterday.

MyType.com – Dating site? A ‘hot or not’ type of a site? BIN set at $120,000 which is unrealistic and doesn’t encourage bidding.

Mars.net – Wanna buy a planet?

Downloads.net – A massive 300,000 searches per month.

Cloneable.com – Haven’t heard alot about cloning in the news lately…..

OAR.com – Listed as website now with a travel booking website. Sold previously as a domain; $69,000 in 2013, then $28,500 last year.

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