Flippa – A Look Forward: Down.com, Newsline.com, PayGo.com, WeBot.com, More

Aug 08 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Portfolio of 80 .Bio Domains – Bidding is approaching the mid 4-figures for names such as UUU.bio, Cold.bio, Rate.bio and more.

Reprobate.com – I’m not smart enough to know what it means without Googling it, but bidding has crossed the mid 3-figures.

Dork.org – I don’t want to be part of that organization, although I’ve been told by multiple people that since I play around with domains and websites, that I’m already part of the club.

GetANewLogo.com – You know what you’re going to get at this site.

.IO Domains continue chugging along on the Flippa platform, and below are some of the best that have reserve met and are ending this week:

And a few LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

Down.com – Big name, with bidding currently at $50,000, and multiple meanings (dictionary vs slang).

GreenCars.com – I haven’t been hearing “green” as the adjective in front of cars recently.

Offerz.com – I believe this has been up a time or two.

WeBot.com – Site is live for for ‘bot’ services, although it’s a domain-only sale. Seller claims they have received unsolicited 5-figure offers.

PayGo.com – Another two word 5L domain, and ‘pay’ domains have a history of doing well. PayLo.com for $7k in 2013, etc.

uRun.com – Doesn’t pass the radio test, but it’s still doing well.

Newsline.com – Plenty of news organizations use this term in the name: BBC Newsline, NFB Newsline, and many more.

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