Flippa – A Look Forward: Cosmetics.net Hits Reserve. Yat.com, 4724.com, WeeklyDeals.com, More

Aug 17 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Cosmetics.net – Nice to see Superb Domains put a name up at no reserve, because my recollection is that nearly all their reserves are at end user pricing, yet they’re listing their names on domainer platforms. This one shows up at NameBio as having sold for $25,000 back in 2009 at DomainFest. 62,000 searches per month at a $4 CPC, per Estibot.

275 Domain Portfolio – A bunch of brandable domains, such as DropGenie.com, DiskFly.com, and Unizora.com.

Shellproof.com – The name sounds kinda cool, but I don’t actually know if it’s a real word.

TheYen.com – If you’re into “the” domains.

Assignments.net – 12,000 searches per month at a $1.65 CPC, per Estibot.

FourMinutes.com – Doing much better than I’d expect…..why not three minutes, or five minutes?

weekly dealsReserve Not Met

Yat.com – BIN of $40k, current bidding a little under half of that.

WeeklyDeals.com – Is this a thing? It might be, and I’m just not aware of it…..I never got into the daily deals. Bidding is higher than I’d expect.

4724.com – I’m not sure what the going rate for NNNN domains is when there are two 4s.

TrumpIsAChump.com – 🙂 At $2 and reserve not met.

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    1. Post author

      Picking them is the easy part after you’ve done the hard work, which is getting the domains listed on your platform. Congrats on the ever-improving inventory of names.

  1. Glenn

    Re : Cosmetics.net
    I am quite surprised to see a Superb Domains listing at NO RESERVE !
    Thought it was a typo 🙂
    Their reserves are always way too high for domainer platforms.

    Re : TrumpIsAChump
    ” 🙂 At $2 and reserve no met ” That’s Funny !

    1. Post author

      Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the same way about the reserves on Superb Domains!

      Again, kudos to them for going NR on Cosmetics.net — looking forward to seeing how it ends, and I hope it does well.

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