Flippa – A Look Forward: DOBI.com, MUI.com, Gyrate.com, DropCatcher.com, More

Jun 15 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

DOBI.com – Most of the Domain Holdings listings that I’ve seen on Flippa haven’t met reserve — nice to see this LLLL.com hit reserve with a week to go.

IOJO.com – Another LLLL.com that has hit reserve. wedding proposal

WeddingProposal.com – Estibot says 5,400 searches per month at nearly a $2 CPC.

Bart.net – I believe this one has been up a few times before without selling, but the reserve is now met.

Reserve Not Met

Swore.com – Not sure exactly how I’d use it, but it’s a popular term, albeit past tense.

MUI.com – Multilingual User Interface appears to be the most popular abbreviation, but there are plenty of other uses.

Gyrate.com – An upgrade name for Gyrate.co.nz, GyrateMedia.com and more.

DropCatcher.com – The domain industry will like this one.

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