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Flippa – A Look Forward:,,,, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell – This sold for $6,500 on Flippa a year ago, and now it’s up at no reserve, and current bidding is well below the prior sales price. – The .com sold for $250k at Flippa in 2013, and we’ll see what the .io is worth in comparison. – While we’re on the .io domains…… – Someone likes biscuits more than I do, because pricing in the 4-figures is higher than I’d expect. – Phrases have been popular recently. – Check that spelling…… – I’m sure this domain was much more valuable a couple years ago when the deal craze was at its peak.

A few domains, in my opinion of their value:

Reserve Not Met – have dropped in value a little bit, but they haven’t taken nearly the hit as their counterparts. – This one has been pushed in domainer circles for awhile now. – Not sure how I’d use this one. – Forum? Funding site? Blog? – It’s not often you see single number domains. – I’d prefer it as a singular “investor”, but a decent name nonetheless. – went for $4,050 earlier this year, went for $45k last year at Sedo.

Domain Spotlight: