Flippa – A Look Forward: EIC.com and NameBot.com Hit Reserve, ZQL.com, 034.net, More

Oct 03 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

EIC.com – Great to see this LLL hit reserve. An abbreviation for Earned Income Credit, or an upgrade name for lots of sites, such as EICLabs.com, EICAssociates.com, and many more.

NameBot.com – The domain related name is getting some love.

21 One-Word .Info Portfolio – Names such as Inquire.info, Peek.info, and Impress.info.

Development.io – Excellent keyword on a hot extension.

App.to – Excellent keyword on a less popular extension….the auction is still doing well.

Portfolio of 175 Domains – From Ali Zandi, he’s pitching them as “BrandBucket style names”.

StarWeddings.com – For any of you celebrity stalkers.

A couple LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of the order of value.

Reserve Not Met

Pashmina.com – Popular type of wool; search volumen of 90k per month, per Estibot.

Manicotti.com – Nearly 30k searches per month for this food.

ZQL.com – Every LLL.com is valuable, even with letters like Z and Q.

034.net – Not the best numbers, but similar to my ZQL.com comments, I guess there aren’t any truly ‘bad’ numbers for a NNN.net.

JackAndJill.com – I love the mindshare this phrase has, but I don’t like the price the seller is asking.

Carz.com – The ‘z’ isn’t my thing, but it doesn’t seem to stop these from selling.

Lastly, a few nice CVCV LLLL.com:

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