Flippa – A Look Forward: EmailTraining.com, GearMag.com Meet Reserve. DYQ.com, Wages.com, SweatShops.com, More

Jan 18 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sellemail training

EmailTraining.com – Yes, people still need it….that’s why it gets a little search volume and has a CPC near $4. Bidding has crossed 4-figures, and the BIN is set at $9,888.

GearMag.com – A flexible domain…I have all sorts of gear, in a variety of different industries.

Finance.fm – Big keyword in an extension that has gained some popularity in getting repurposed. FM = Federated States of Micronesia.

HandmadeJewelry.net – The extension hurts it, but it gets a bunch of search volume: 22,000 per month at a $1.20 CPC, per Estibot.

A.domains, M.domains, U.domains – These were listed as sold at $959 before, so the buyer must have flaked out. Current bidding is far below the prior price.

Reserve Not Met

Wages.com – Per Estibot, around 20,000 searches per month at $1 CPC. People love to look up wage surveys when lobbying for more pay at their jobs.

DYQ.com – The Q’s no longer scare people away in LLL.com’s. BIN of $17,000. DDQ.com sold last week on NameJet for $14,544. UQX.com sold for $8,220 the week earlier, while RQU.com was at $9,706.

SweatShops.com – Popular term, but with bad connotations.

Ship.net and Ships.net – Shipping is big business, but .net is not. BIN of $45k, with current bidding a small fraction of that.

Yields.com – This one has been up a few times….hopefully the reserve is getting lowered each time.

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