Domain Spotlight:

Flippa – A Look Forward:,,, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell – 2,000 searches, with a CPC near $3.50, per Estibot. – These .io domains continue to impress; pricing is near the mid 4-figures. – 40,000 searches per month – I like the keyword, but am surprised at the high price given the extension.

Bike.Parts – A new G that spans the dot nicely. 40,000 searches per month, according to Estibot.

Poker.WTF – Bidding has hit 4-figures…..WTF?

VR.Network – There are few more popular letters than VR these days; I know nothing about the .Network extension.

A couple

Reserve Not Met – I wouldn’t be surprised if this one sells at the reasonable BIN. – Awesome name. Sold for just under $20k at Namejet a couple years ago. – Really like this name. Movie? Video game? – This one has been pushed on the forums for awhile, so whether or not it sells comes down to the reserve. – Hyphenated domains aren’t well-loved, but when it comes to Vegas, there is still alot of value in the domain. – There are a heck of alot of moving businesses in New York. – Surprised to see this one back up for auction after selling last year on the same platform for $50k.

Domain Spotlight: