Flippa – A Look Forward: Hillary.com, Brexit.com, Congratulating.com, More

Oct 10 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Congratulating.com – Although I don’t love “-ing” domains, they sell…..I’ve owned a couple and just picked up another last week. Some recent sales per NameBio include Welcoming.com for $2,000, Mudding.com for $2,800, Partitioning.com for $1,730, and Transporting.com for $6,500. Bidding on Congratulating.com is well below all four.

Advise.net – Bidding at a nice 4-figure price.

Decrements.com – I learned something new today….per Webster, a decrement is “a gradual decrease in quality or quantity”.

It appears the appeal of .io domains has now moved well beyond just techy names:

A few LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of the order of their value:

Reserve Not Met

Brexit.com – The repercussions of Brexit will be felt for years; however, has the domain value already peaked?

Hillary.com – Flippa has a lock on the political names lately, with TrumpPence.com and ClintonKaine.com both selling recently on the platform.

Yippie.com – A common exclamation.

A handful of names that are up for sale for the second or third time (or more) are below. They’re all nice names for different reasons; whether or not they sell is dependent upon the reserve.

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