Flippa – A Look Forward: HowHigh.com, 8 LLLL.com Hit Reserve. AZT.com, Problem.com, More

Nov 09 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

HowHigh.com – Living in Colorado, I think of pot or mountains. Many people think of both pot and mountains, as there are a surprising number of bowls smoked on the top of 14,000 foot peaks out here….I guess it eases the pain on the joints for the way down.


BridalPhotography.com – Big money spent here.


Gamer.network – Getting in on the new G action. Low $xxx and reserve met. Other .network sales include The.network at $1,799, and Cyber.network at $1,999.


DroneDesigns.com – Drone domains are still selling well.


DietingFacts.com – Free fact for your future site: you must work off more than you take in.


Some LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. MENZ.com
  2. FMDK.com
  3. GEAF.com
  4. RRFO.com
  5. OGKA.com
  6. IAGY.com
  7. NVMQ.com
  8. IRJQ.com

Reserve Not Met

AZT.com – At $25,000 bidding as I type this, which is at the upper limit for wholesale LLL.com domain prices where there is a vowel.


Great.org – I can envision some uses where the .org extension fits here.


Portfolio of 29 LLLL.com Domains – JQQT.com, CKRQ.com, and most of the rest have a V or a vowel.


Deductible.com – tax savings guide?


Problem.com – Bidding is over the mid-5-figures and I hope it meets reserve and sells.


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