Flippa – A Look Forward: JFL.com, LOV.com, Injure.com, IdeaFair.com, More

Sep 07 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Graphic.io – I haven’t seen too many .io domain sales in the last month or two, so I don’t know if they’re still on a hot streak. At $480 at press time.

IdeaFair.com – Undervalued currently, with pricing below $100. Do a Google search, and you’ll see examples of idea fairs that exist.

A couple LLLL.com, in my opinion of the order of their value:

Reserve Not Met

CarTransporter.com – This one sold recently at NameJet for $2,100, and they’re trying to do a quick flip. CarTransport.com sold for $85k in 2012, but there is a big difference between selling to an end user and selling to other domainers.

KG5.com – These LLN.com domains appear to have picked up in the past few months.

JFL.com / net / org – Nice letters. Bidding at $25k without hitting reserve. Alexa rank near 11 million….might be getting some NFL typo traffic.

LOV.com – This one sold for $160,000 at Domain Name Sales in 2012, then again for $91,800 at NameJet last year….which would be a flop. Back on the market, currently at pricing well below either of the prior prices.

Injure.com – Not sure how I’d use it — injury attorney? BIN of $24,000.

Solopreneur.com – Term used by many internet entrepreneurs. An upgrade name for many existing sites.

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