Flippa – A Look Forward: Lefty.com, 2130.com, Routes.com, More

Sep 26 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

iReplay.com – Bidding at a solid price for an “i” domain, in my opinion.

eNaked.com – An ‘e’ name following the ‘i’ name.

Inbox.info – 550,000 searches per month can make even a .info domain look good to some buyers.

Portfolio of 21 one-word .Info domains – Peek.info, Inquire.info, Impress.info, more.

Clouds.io – These .io domains continue to perform well.

CreditCard.io – Monster keywords here.

Some LLLL.com domains, in order of my opinion of their value:

Reserve Not Met

Routes.com – Travel / trip planning site?

2130.com – I haven’t seen alot of these NNNN.com domains on Flippa.

Lefty.com – The nickname for numerous people, and in turn, the name of many businesses.

Jobless.com – A surprising (to me) 27,000 searches per month for the term, per Estibot.

MrHelp.com – Could be a memorable name for Q&A type site.

FRST.com – Looks like it’s missing an “i” to me, but for some reason, there are people that like to name their companies that way.

BarTab.com – Second time around on Flippa. I still like it, but I’m not sure if the seller’s expectations are wholesale or end user prices.

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