Flippa – A Look Forward: Mortgages.info, XSO.net Meet Reserve. AZU.com, OAR.com, AKU.com.

Jul 06 2014

Reserve Met and Will Sell

mortgagesMortgages.info – $1,650 – Power seller Federer is following up his $24k sale of Movie.info with another big name. He sold the singular Mortgage.info for $18,900 last year on Flippa, while the singular Mortgage.com sold for $1.8 million back in 2000. There are 11 days left in this auction, and it obviously has a ways to run……

XSO.net – $155 – My guess on the final price = $355. LLL.net’s haven’t skyrocketed like their .com counterparts.

XWAA.com – $60 – If you’re into LLLL.com domains. BIN of $150. The .net is actually built….Xtreme Wrestling Alliance Australia.

Thin.info – $17 – The .com sold for $200,000 back in 2008, and thin.me sold for $1,524 last year.

Mover.info – $1 – Yes, reserve met.

Reserve Not Met

Down.com – Minimum bid of $150,000 not received.

OAR.com – $16,000 – This baby has been around the block….peddled in newsletters, on NameJet, and now back on Flippa, where I believe it sold for just under $70k a year ago.

AZU.com – $6,000 – Got up to $15,500 in a prior listing, but didn’t meet reserve.

AKU.com – $5,500 – Reached $11,200 in a prior listing, but didn’t meet reserve.

SoccerBalls.com – $5,050

Autismo.com – $500 – Spanish for Autism

Workouts.org – $500

Patricia.net – $350 – It doesn’t appear to be getting up to the Matt.net type of pricing.

Templates.info – $100 – The .com sold for $450,000 way back in 2006.

Ten.info – $165 – A numeric without numbers?

Medicates.com – $100, with a BIN of $499

ForeverHappy.com – $30 – with a BIN of $50k, there is a little disconnect here…..

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  1. Travis

    I suppose each is to own, but if I couldn’t have the singular (at least in this case), than I wouldn’t want the plural. Note; the sale of mortgage.info was never listed in the description. Smart.

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