Flippa Recap: OJV.com, Television.info sell. H2O.com, Salons.com, AZU.com, 2W.com do not.

May 18 2014

Listed below are some notable domain and website sales over the past week at Flippa, along with a few domains with bids that didn’t meet reserve.

OJV.com was a nice sale this week. This domain had been shopped around for ages, and the seller initially had unrealistic expectations. Looking back through my emails, the domain hit Toby Clements’ newsletter in July 2013 with an asking price of $35,000, which was then reduced to $26,500, then $20,000, $17,500 and ultimately $8,500. When that didn’t work, the seller tried selling the domain on both Flippa and NameJet, with bidding getting up to $7,001 in one of the Flippa listings late last year…..but the reserve was set too high. In the end, the seller decided to let the market speak — they accepted a $5,000 bid to meet reserve, then Flippa generated some additional interest by giving it prime placement on its homepage, and the domain was snapped up at a last-minute reduction in the BIN to $6,499. Congrats to both the buyer and seller; despite the seller’s initial expectations (and despite it being acquired for just over $7k in 2012), I think it’s a strong price.

Some domains that sold

OJV.com – $6,499
Television.info – $1,305
Mutating.com – $699
TrueBlueTribune.com – $600 – Seller says the domain/site is listed in Google News….but it was just registered last month.
Indica.org – $525
CouponsForUSA.com – $401
Tapas.info – $400
HotCoupon.org – $300

Some websites that sold

  • PickMyShaver.com – $60,100 – Monthly net profit of $6,300 stated, on monthly uniques of 39,000. “Pick My Shaver is a very popular website among men and women seeking advice on electric shavers.” According to the listing, the Amazon affiliate program is the only revenue source. It appears to be a high price for a site that is barely six months old.
  • EasyDealBuilder.com – $57,100 – Monthly net profit of $15,500 stated, on monthly uniques of 5,900. “It’s an online business selling premium quality software. This site has over 4,700 active members. This site can bring you a long term regular income for many years to come with very little effort on your part.”
  • ToolFanatic.com – $29,000 – Monthly net profit of $1,800 stated, on monthly uniques of 17,000. “ToolFanatic.com is online retailer of new and used tools including but not limited to power tools, hand tools, gardening tools, measuring tools, and tool accessories.”

Some domains with bids that didn’t meet reserve

H2O.com – $500,000
Salons.com – $300,000
2W.com – $20,000
AZU.com – $15,500
FSW.com – $12,000
RealEstateForeclosures.com – $15,555
Convince.com – $5,500
SalonFinder.com – $3,000
Wasnt.com – $3,000
Gem.org – $2,500
Coffee-Tables.com – $1,000
OnlineOrdering.net – $1,000
PremiumNames.info – $800
MarijuanaOnline.net – $400

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  1. Travis

    When I scan through the full list, the one domain that pops out is PremiumNames.info over the rest. Registered only a couple of years ago. Granted it didn’t sell w/ only 1 bid, it’s still amazing how much recall value domain-related domains have. It’s that “sentimentality”.

    1. Post author

      The “PremiumNames” part has great recall value, but the “.info” part…..not so much. 🙂

  2. Travis

    Can’t argue with that. It would be a nice name to showcase an investors more premium .info domains exclusively, and “whatever” potential business behind it 😉

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